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Information About The Kraket Study Association – What Is Kraket

Information About The Kraket Study Association – What Is Kraket

Kraket Introduction

Kraket is basically a study association at the UV for operational research and econometrics at Viraj University Amsterdam. The name Kraket means “Critical Actuaries and Econometricians” and was founded on July 14, 1972, and recently has more than 1000 members.

Many members of the Kraket Association mostly belong to the Econometrics Association. There are many reasons besides this membership. You can come to ask questions, work, buy books, or just come to our room HG-8A-30.

Tuesday to Friday working and opening hours are 10:00-17:00 and on Mondays, we are open between 11:30 and 17:00. You can also check more details on the official website under this link, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook kraket Social.

Information About The Kraket Study Association

Kraket is a study organization for operations research and econometrics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The name Kraket stands for “Kritische Actuarissen en Econometricsten”. Our study association was founded on July 14, 1972, and currently has over 1000 members. Kraket organizes many activities, both formal and relaxing, but above all fun. Kraket’s main goal is to bridge the gap between its members and the business world and provide students with insight into the practical application of their studies.

This is done through case days, in-house days, and the annual LED (National Econometrics Day), but also in low-threshold ways such as a New Year’s Eve dinner with a major sponsor or an orientation day. Board of Directors 2021-2022: Tristan Wennink – Chairman Mirte Pruppers – Vice Chairman & External Affairs Officer Denise van Dijk – Secretary & Marketing Officer Pascale Fijnvandraat – Treasurer Sun Wester – Educational Officer & Internal Affairs Officer & Marketing Officer.

The Main Objective Of The Kraket Association:

The main goal of the Kraket association is to join the community of students and entrepreneurs by celebrating the annual National Day of Econometricians (LED). Kraket provides its students with an innate practical application of their studies. In the case of days and home days, members of the kraket come into contact with business companies and present themselves on the job market.

Trips abroad:

After two years, the Kraket association organizes a foreign study trip. A group of students traveled to the foreign countries of Casablanca and Marrakesh in 2019 and visited the university, also visited some companies, and the Dutch embassy, ​​and also toured the city. Other study trips went to different countries such as Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Brazil, and New York.

Relaxation Activities:

Kraket also organizes relaxing activities such as SinterKlaas parties, lots of drinks and parties, and laser games. Sports like pool, football, squash, and ice skating are also held at Kraket regularly.

The board also organizes a weekend trip at the end of the year, which is surprising and unknown to the members. On this weekend trip, you got to know the people of other academic years in a relaxed way and this weekend trip is called Kraket-weekend.

Some Events And Their Purpose:

Relaxation activities organized by the kraket company and their purpose organization are shown:

Cocktail Workshop:

This event is organized for Master’s students and takes place on December 1st between 20:00 and 22:00 at Het Groene paleis. After the workshop, you will enjoy a homemade cocktail. Registration for the Cocktail Workshop will be open from November 17.

Alumni Events:

Alumni extrie and croquet annual event held on 25th December in Dutch. Every year Kraket,s and the extrie econometrics graduate association organize an evening for graduates and kraketters. Two speakers are invited, after the awarding of these there is a possibility for a drink. Registration for this event began on November 11.

Careers In Economics And Operational Research:

The event was organized for students by SBE Career Services and Alumni Relations. On November 11, this event takes place to introduce students to different career paths in econometrics and research operations. You can ask all your questions through informal conversations with young professionals.


Where is Kraket located?

Kraket’s headquarters are at 1105 De Boelelaan, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

What is the official website of Kraket?

Kraket’s official website is

What is Kraket’s phone number?

Kraket’s phone number is +31 683169846.

What is Kraket’s revenue?

Kraket’s revenue is $7.8 million.

What is Kraket’s SIC code?

Kraket’s SIC: 82 822.

How many employees does Kraket have?

Kraket has 1000 employees.

What industry does Kraket belong to?

Kraket is in the field: of Media & Internet General, Media & Internet.

What are Kraket Social profiles?

Kraket Linkedin Page Kraket Facebook Page.

Is Kraket a public company?

Kraket is a private company, so it does not currently have an official symbol.

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