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Journey of Jordan Banjo, Britain’s Got Talent Season 3 Champion

Journey of Jordan Banjo, Britain's Got Talent Season 3 Champion

Nowadays, dancing reels and videos have become a big rage on social media. Talented dancers from across the world make reels on Instagram and show the world their impressive dancing moves. One such dancer who has become an internet sensation is Banjo Jordan. He is one of the most popular British dancers, whose moves have made many netizens weak in the knees. He started his career as a street dancer and has now become a big celebrity. However, his massive popularity came right after winning Britain’s Got Talent along with his dance group Diversity. So, let’s explore more about Banjo Jordan in this elaborative biography.

How did Banjo Jordan start his career?

Banjo Jordan started as a street dancer and later became a part of one of the popular dance troupes called Diversity. He was born on December 31, 1992, in Wickford, Essex, England. His parents, Danielle Banjo and Funso Banjo, also hail from England. Since he is not very vocal about his personal life, the rest of the information related to his parents and upbringing is not available online. He is currently 30 years old, with Capricorn as a sun sign.

However, his parents played a big role in making him an excellent dancer. Right from childhood, they supported and encouraged him a lot. He always exhibited a great deal of passion for dancing, which made his parents support his dancing skills.

Initially, he learned to dance from street dance videos on TV. Slowly and gradually, he started learning from various local dance groups. At the age of 15, he became a professional dancer and started performing with various dance groups. After that, he became a part of the Diversity dance group and attained some exceptional success.

Know Banjo Jordan’s Career

As a professional dancer, he started his career in 2007, when he was just 15 years old. He started his career with a group called Swift Moves Juniors. After working with the group for a brief period, he joined the Diversity dance group and never looked back. Although the group was formed in 2007, it attained real popularity in 2009. In 2009, the dance group tasted the biggest success by winning the 3rd season of Britain’s Got Talent. The incredible performance and winning such a prestigious show made the group an instant sensation all across the world. The show not only gave the group an immense amount of popularity but also multiple movies and shows in Banjo Jordan.

After the major success of such a popular show, Banjo Jordan fetched the big blockbuster movie StreetDance 3D in 2010. Along with that, he started working as a trainer and mentor for various shows and academies. He also worked for his brother’s show, Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew, from 2012 to 2014. Along with that, he also played the role of co-presenter in some of the popular shows, such as Got to Dance and Jordan and Perri’s Ultimate Block Party in 2013.

Later in 2014, he also became the co-host of one of the popular kids shows, Choice UK, on Nickelodeon. He has been working as the co-host of yet another popular show called the KISS Breakfast Show, along with his dance group member Perri Kiely.

Journey of Jordan Banjo, Britain’s Got Talent Season 3 Champion

Know About Jordan Banjo’s Education

When it comes to his education, he did his initial schooling at St. John’s School, followed by higher studies and graduation from USP College. However, he dropped his education right in the middle to pursue his dancing career. Fortunately, he succeeded in it and has become a celebrity dancer.

Jordan Banjo’s relationship

When it comes to his relationship, the celebrity dancer is married to Naomi Courts. They both tied the knot in 2022 and are now successfully living a happy married life. In fact, the couple also has a baby named Cassius Ashley Banjo, and they are all living happily in the UK.

Jordan Banjo’s Vital Statistics

Jordan Banjo is an athletic guy. He is a tall and handsome guy who stands at 198cm and weighs around 198 lbs. His eye color is brown, and his hair color is black.

Know Jordan Banjo’s net worth and assets.

Jordan Banjo has accumulated a good amount of wealth in a short period of time. Due to his dedication to his dancing skills and the art, he consistently outshined himself with every passing year, won Britain’s Got Talent with his dance group Diversity, and did a lot of work.

In 2018, his net worth was around $2.5 million, which spiked to $2.8 million. In 2020, his net worth came to $3.1 million and rose to $3.4 million in 2021. However, currently, his net worth is close to $4 million, as per the reports.

When it comes to his cars and properties, he has not revealed much information about them. He prefers to live a simple and private life with his family.

Final Thoughts

Jordan Banjo is a true inspirational personality who has proven the fact that hard work pays off. He set a goal to become a celebrity and famous dancer, and he successfully achieved it by putting his heart, mind, and soul into it. He has not only won Britain’s Got Talent show with his dance group Diversity but also became part of several dance shows as a co-judge. Along with that, he also worked in multiple movies and shows and earned a lot of fame, reputation, and success.


What’s his net worth?

His net worth is around $4 million, respectively.

Which show did he win with his group, Diversity?

He won Britain’s Got Talent’s third season.

How much does he make per year?

Jordan Banjo easily makes around $300,000 per year with the help of shows, movies, and endorsements.

What’s the name of his wife?

His wife’s name is Naomi Courts.

What are the names of his parents?

His parents are Danielle Banjo and Funso Banjo.

Does he have any siblings?

Yes, Jordan Banjo has two siblings named Ashley Banjo and Talisa Banjo.

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