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Jaden Newman (Basketball Player) Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts, and More

Jaden Newman Biography| Jaden Newman| Jaden Newman age

Jaden Newman is an aspiring basketball prodigy from America. She is widely known for her excellent skills on the court. Not to mention, Newman is also famous for sharing a fond equation with her older sibling Julian Newman. Let us tell you that Julian is a male basketball prodigy, himself. He holds the record of 1,000 career points at the varsity prep level.

Coming back to the topic, i.e., the Jaden Newman biography.

You should know that Jaden impressed the whole of her State with her skills at the tender age of 9. She received a recruitment letter from the University of Miami when she was just a preteen. There are a whole lot of interesting facts that you might love to know about Jaden Newman.

So, tune in to Lemony Blog and read Jaden Newman (basketball player) bio, age, height, boyfriend, net worth, facts, and more.

Who is Jaden Newman?

Having read and scrolled so far, you already know that Jaden Newman is a young basketball player with exceptional skills. At such a young age, she holds multiple records in her name. But did you know that besides being a skilled sportsperson, the 17-years old Newman is also a Television personality and social media celebrity?

Jaden started playing basketball when she was in grade three. Later, her skills paved the way for better opportunities. Gradually she started playing varsity basketball for Downey Christian.

You’d be surprised to know that Jaden comes from a family where every member has enjoyed his share of success in basketball. We shall talk about Jaden’s family in the later sections of the blog. For now, let’s dive deeper into Jaden Newman’s biography.

Jaden Newman Wiki/Bio

The exceptionally talented Jaden was born to her parents Jamie and Vivian on June 13th of 2004. She was born in Orlando, Florida, the United States of America. Her father’s name is Jamie Newman and her mother is Vivian Gonzalez. Newman also has an older sibling, brother Julian Newman. Julian is 20-years old.

Jaden is of multiracial heritage. Her father, Jamie, is a Jew while her mother, Vivian is of Puerto-Rican descent. By birth, she is an American citizen. She follows the Christian religion. Being born in mid-June, the youngest of the Newman family is a Gemini.  

Coming to her educational backdrop, we have found that Jaden is still in her high school. She is yet to complete her graduation. The Newman girl started her schooling via a private school. Thereafter, she visited the Downey Christian School. We do not have any more information regarding her education.

In an interview, Jaden expressed her desire to play for the University of Connecticut. She has offers from several reputed universities too. Let’s hope that the girl gets to fulfill her wish.

Jaden Newman Age

Jaden has an immensely inspirational and successful career on her name, that too at such a young age. As a result, people across the world are curious to know the Jaden Newman age. So, here we are to reveal Jaden Newman’s exact age.

Jaden was born to parents Jamie and Vivian on the 13th of June in 2004. She started training for basketball under the guidance of her father, Jamie Newman. Jamie is a basketball coach. Under Jamie’s training, Jaden started to play basketball when she was hardly 8.

Presently, she is 17-years old. Her exact age is 17-years and 8-months (as of February 2022).


Jaden lives in a family of four including herself. Her family consists of her parents, Jamie Newman and Vivian Gonzalez, and Jaden’s older sibling Julian. Read on to know more about Jaden Newman’s family.

Let’s start with her father, Jamie Newman. Jamie is a basketball coach. In his early days, Jaden’s dad played basketball as a point guard for Colonial High School, Orlando. Jamie started coaching his kids at an early age. As A Result, both his children are record-holder varsity basketball players.

The next member of the Newman household is Jaden’s mother, Vivian. She too was a successful basketballer. Vivian played as a point guard at Colonial High School, Orlando. Later, she served in the US Navy for 4-years. Presently, Jaden and Julian’s mother is working for the United States Postal Services.

Julian Newman is Jaden Newman’s elder brother. The siblings share a loving bond. They are popular on social media platforms for their fond and adorable relationship. Julian is a 20-years old basketball prodigy. Jaden followed her brother’s footsteps and played basketball varsity.

The Newman siblings hold the record of being the youngest boy and girl to score 1,000 career points in varsity basketball.

Jaden Newman Boyfriend, Affairs and Relationship

Despite being a gorgeous beauty herself, Jaden never got involved in a relationship. She has multiple male friends but is not seeing anyone currently. She is not married or rumored to have an affair with anyone either. Chances are Jaden is keeping her dating life a secret.

Jaden Newman Boyfriend

Lemony Blog shall update Jaden Newman Biography with further details in the future. 

Profession and Career

Since her childhood days, Jaden has been into the court game. Under her father’s training, she enhanced her game and techniques. Julian’s sister Jaden aspires to be the first female NBA player. With her talent and hard work, she might achieve her dream one day, as well.

Jaden’s road to her basketball career started when she started her schooling. Her father, Jamie, was a basketball coach in the school. She would train under him during school hours. Eventually, she started playing for the school team when she was 8-years old. At that time, Jaden was in third grade.

Later, the girl was enrolled in the Downey Christian School. She started to play for the Downey Christian varsity team.

Jaden has appeared in several reality TV shows too. She appeared in a docu-series “Hello Newmans”. It was based on her brother, Julian Newman. She also appeared in the national television show called “The Queen Latifah Show”.

In 2019, Jaden also debuted in the entertainment industry. She released her single “I Run It (Feat. Chandler Room)”. She and her family recently launched their clothing line J: BAE.

Her Net Worth

Jaden Newman’s primary sources of income include her sports career, social media influence, reality shows on television, and her clothing line, J: BAE. Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $1-2Million.

Social Media Presence

As you read above, Jaden is a social media personality. She is popular on multiple social media networks. Jaden has a verified Instagram profile with the username @jadennewman1. She has over a million followers on Instagram. Jaden’s Twitter profile has relatively fewer followers.

The basketballer also has a verified Tiktok account. She also has a Snapchat profile. Social media is Jaden’s one of the primary sources of income.

Fun Facts | Jaden Newman

Following are some of the interesting facts about Julian Newman’s sister Jaden Newman.

  • Jaden wants to win an Oscar as an actor in the future. She received public attention with her appearance in multiple reality TV shows.
  • Jaden Newman is the youngest girl with 1,000 career points at the varsity prep level.
  • When she was in the 8th grade, Jaden scored 70 points in a single game. It was a national record.
  • Jaden Newman has never been involved in any rumor or controversy.
  • She is a huge fan of the Lakers team.
  • She loves fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions | Jaden Newman

1. How old is Jaden Newman?

The aspiring American basketball player, Jaden Newman was born in June 2004 in Orlando. As of February 2022, she is 17-years old.

2. How old is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman is a basketball prodigy. He is also the older sibling of the star basketball player Jaden Newman. He celebrates his birthday on the 6th day of September 2001. As of February 2022, Julian Newman is 20-years old.

3. Who is Jaden Newman dating?

Jaden Newman is an extremely focused player of her age. She is a high school student. While the majority of high schoolers spend a great deal of their time dating, Jaden is busy establishing a successful career in basketball.

The player is not dating anyone, as of the recent reports.

4. What is the name of Julian Newman’s sister?

The star basketball prodigy, Julian Newman, is famous for a lot of reasons. While the first reason is his skills on the court, the second is the fond equation that he shares with his little sister. The name of Julian Newman’s sister is Jaden Newman.

Like her brother, Jaden is also a basketball player.

5. How tall is Julian Newman?

The basketball player Julian Newman stands 1.70metres tall. His height in feet is 5 feet and 7 inches.

6. What is the height of Jaden Newman?

Jaden Newman is 1.65metres tall. Her height in feet is 5 feet and 3 inches.

7. Is Jaden Newman married?

Jaden Newman is not married. She is neither in any relationship. As of 2022, Newman is a high schooler.

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