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Keep Your Desktop Tidy Automatically with iTop Easy Desktop Freeware

iTop Easy Desktop

Have you ever used iTop Easy Desktop before? Let’s be honest; not all our desktops are clean. Sometimes, we put icons here and there. The newly installed software will always produce another icon that will fill the empty space on your window. When things get crazier, it can be pretty overwhelming real fast, and that’s when the iTop Easy Desktop comes up.

With the tool, you don’t have to organize each icon manually. Don’t do the tedious click-and-drag for all the icons on your Windows. Instead, iTop Easy Desktop will do the job for you. 

Keeping the screen tidy will be helpful in creating a good working environment. Although it’s only virtual, a clean desktop will make it easier to organize everything starting from the simple thing like the icons. Similar to the smartphone configuration, each user is now able to put the icons into a set category, so everything will be nicely organized. 

Launching the iTop Easy Desktop

If this is your first time using the iTop Easy Desktop, you may notice the clean and sleek black window. This is where you can organize desktop. If you feel confused, feel free to learn about organizing in the manual provided. The manual will tell you how to start organizing the desktop, starting from renaming the icons, moving them from place to place, and configuring the boxes. Yes, the boxes.

You can also pick the Custom or Quick Start option if you want the software to manually set anything for you. The tool will then organize everything automatically, putting the icons into certain groups labeled as “boxes”.

Launching the iTop Easy Desktop

These boxes will contain any icons that are relevant to a particular box. For example, Google box, it usually contains Gmail, Google Calendar (if you have it installed), or any other Google products. For productivity, you may find the icons for Microsoft office apps inside. 

To access iTop Easy Desktop, you may right-click from any point on the desktop. Renaming or creating new boxes can be done with only a single click. Click any boxes you want to edit, and feel free to rename it with anything you have in mind. See the boxes as if they’re virtual drawers. 

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Configuring The Boxes

As mentioned above, users are able to edit the boxes in any way they want. Aside from renaming them, they can also edit the boxes by moving them at any point they wish. You can freely switch the box locations as well.

If you want to hide everything, iTop Easy Desktop also has a function specifically made for it. To hide the boxes, you can click on any empty space on the desktop. By doing so, your desktop will be completely clean as if anything wasn’t even put there. 





You can also have the freedom to adjust the box colors so you may easily notice each box’s functionality. Freely switch the colors by clicking the Appearance tab inside the program’s preferences. There’s also a quick button to make the boxes re-appear, but you need to set it first in the Quick Action tab.

Install iTop Easy Desktop

The tool also has a feature to organize any files automatically. If you select the Organization menu, you can configure the rules to put any files into the certain boxes you set. If you’ve just created a Docx file and put it in the background, the icon will be automatically put inside the Documents folder. 

How to Install iTop Easy Desktop

To install, you need to get the download package first from the official website. Visit iTop Easy Desktop official website to have the desktop organizer for free!

How to Install iTop Easy Desktop

After doing the installation, you can start configuring the simplest things first. You can put the icons, folders, or individual files inside the different boxes.

configuration settings

Then, you can edit through the configuration settings, and you’re done!


If you wish to make your desktop easier to organize, iTop Easy Desktop is definitely worth a try. Besides giving you the features to automatically sort any files, the boxes are also useful for keeping everything organized.

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