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Is A Toxic Liver Making You Overweight?

Toxic Liver Making You Overweight

“When a plant’s leaves are turning brown, you look at the cause of the problem. If only we treated our bodies in the same way.” Dr. Frank Lipman

58 million Americans are overweight. Homeopathic remedies can play an important part in addressing the problem.

One of the most overlooked factors to weight gain or the inability to lose weight is a toxic liver. The liver is the human body’s largest glandular organ. Among other things, it is essential for the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The liver breaks down the food we eat and converts it into energy. Few realize that weight gain, obesity, lethargy, fatigue, low energy, and feeling tired can be attributed to your liver not functioning at its optimal capacity.

A liver that is functioning properly will metabolize the fats that we digest and process the toxins to which we are exposed. This results in a normal functioning metabolism that burns calories effectively and efficiently, in turn, providing us with an abundance of energy.

Weight gain ultimately comes down to how well your liver is functioning and the speed at which it functions. While the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands play a part in weight gain and obesity, both glands rely on the liver for their overall performance. It is vital to add homeopathic remedies, proper nutrients, supplements and spices to your diet so that your liver is cleansed and strengthened. By adding these to your daily routine, toxins and contaminants in your system will be removed, thus bringing you into a state of balance and health. You need a strong, healthy liver to obtain a healthy weight and a healthy weight to make your liver strong.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that treats disease by stimulating the body’s own healing process. Homeopathy treats the symptoms not the diagnosis. Dr. Hahnemann, the medical doctor who founded homeopathy stated that “the weakening of the immune system creates as a result changes in the physical body which we call pathology”. Homeopathy is a gentle, individualized natural treatment that causes no side effects. Homeopathy is based on the principle that “You can’t cure a disease without pulling out its root, because it will return”.

Let me give you a few examples.

A patient came to my practice seeking treatment for Non-Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis Disease (NASH) and obesity. As a homeopath, I needed to take into account the pathology, physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the patient. I carefully chose remedies that would stimulate his body’s own healing process. My approach was twofold, homeopathic remedies to gently cleanse and strengthen his liver, as well as remedies to control his appetite and curb his cravings. The liver remedy I prescribed gently detoxified and strengthened his liver while lowering the inflammation in the organ. The homeopathic remedies for weight loss reduced the patient’s weight by speeding up the process of burning fat, while another reduced his weight by increasing his metabolic rate. After two months of homeopathic treatment and the addition of supplements to his diet, his liver enzymes showed improvement and he began achieving a healthy weight loss.

Another patient who came to me for treatment presented with the following symptoms: she was overweight, in her mid-forties, often chilly, had chronic eczema, suffered from low energy, and had a poor memory. Once again, I prescribed homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements to heal and restore her liver function and to address her weight issues. After three months of treatment, she achieved her ideal weight and her energy and memory showed a marked improvement. The homeopathic remedies and supplements I prescribed restored the proper functioning of her sluggish liver and allowed her to lose the excess weight.

As we see, maintaining a healthy liver plays a key role in weight management. Homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements are a critical part of the process.

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