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Everything You Need To Know About Invitations For A Successful Baby Shower!

Baby Shower

If you decide to throw a baby shower, interest in party invitations (commonly known as wedding invitations) is essential. Making a choice of invitation, rather original and which resembles you, is the first thing to do to delight your guests and baby shower invite them as they should. 

Ordering them, choosing the people to invite, and sending the invitations are your first missions before celebrating the future arrival of the baby. In addition, the invitation will give an idea of ​​the expected party and announce the color of the “party”! Overview of this celebration for the future mom.

Organizing A Baby Shower 

It is an American concept which combines parties and games between girls and/or boys, between friends, family, relatives… to celebrate the arrival of the future baby in the couple. 

The baby shower is generally organized towards the end of the pregnancy between the 7th and 9th months of pregnancy, especially before birth. The party can also be the occasion to announce the sex of the baby; we will then speak of a gender reveal party. You should not wait too long to prepare her for the risk that the mother-to-be will be too tired at the end of the pregnancy. The party can last an entire afternoon and usually ends before the evening meal. It’s the equivalent of an afternoon snack with friends and/or family with gifts for the mother-to-be and baby in addition.

Note that it is possible to have a baby party after birth: a postnatal party to present the baby to family, friends, and relatives. It remains the same principle as a prenatal baby shower. It avoids too disturbing visits to the maternity ward. Mom has time to rest and invite family and friends after childbirth when the new family has made their mark. A nice addition for the postnatal party are Welcome Home baby signs that can be placed in the yard to welcome the baby and the mom when they return from hospital.

Who Organizes The Baby Shower, And Who Takes Care Of The Invitations? 

Most of the time, the festive event is taken care of by someone close to the mother-to-be, someone who knows her well, who knows her tastes and fears, who will not make a mistake in the organization of the event. such a party. It is also up to him to take care of the invitations, hence knowing the mother-to-be well so as not to invite people she does not appreciate.

This loved one is free to consult the mother-to-be and inform her of the organization of the baby shower; in this case, the mother-to-be will be able to choose her guests herself, without knowing everything about the unfolding of the party to keep a tiny element of surprise.

Obviously, it is also possible that the mother-to-be takes care of this organization: she can invite whoever she wants, choose the invitations, the activities, the cake, the drinks… In short, she’s having a party in hand. It will depend on the desire of the mother-to-be and her condition at this time of pregnancy, which can be very tiring.

Where To Buy Baby Shower Invitations? 

There are many sites on which to order your announcements: All prices are possible.

Most are customizable: from colors to patterns, including inscriptions, gilding, frames, rounded corners, finishes (mat, glossy, linen, pearly, etc.), the address, the reply slip, the front and the back… Everything is possible. The sites offered online are really very interesting in terms of quality and price; you will inevitably find a baby shower card template to your tastes.

When To Send The Invitations And What Information To Write On Them? 

We recommend sending them 1 month before the baby shower date: this allows everyone to set the date, organize themselves, and block it in their diary. At least 2 weeks if you have no choice. 

The invitation must contain the date of the event, the name of the mother-to-be, the date, time and place, and a phone number or an email to respond to the invitation.

The Decoration Of The Baby Shower: Matching Invitations For A Maximum Effect! 

To make the most beautiful effect, the invitations have even more impact when they align with the party’s theme: opt for an invitation in blue color while the decoration is focused on green. Judicious, and vice versa. Often the pastel colors are at the party and very appreciated: like lemon yellow, pale pink, azure blue, mint green, light orange, purple, beige….

Also, the theme of the place of the party must be granted: a cozy, pleasant and simplistic place. The garden of the house of the future parents or at a friend’s house outdoors are perfect places for this type of event. Depending on the weather, the event can occur indoors, with decorations in the living room: balloons, modern and colorful garlands, keeping the same tone as on the invitation cards.

Once the theme has been chosen, it’s time to think about the cards (in the same colors, same tones) and invite the guests.

Baby Shower Invitations: Not To Be Missed! 

The guests chosen by the organizer (or by the mother-to-be) are essential for the party’s success.

It is not typical for this event to invite men, nor the future dad, of course. It is more of a party dedicated to the expectant mother and her female relatives. However, it is not surprising to see men at these types of festivities over time. That said, it is quite possible to break the codes by organizing a mixed baby shower. So you can invite family, friends, colleagues, whether male or not, without asking questions and having your best friends around you. 

In general, five or ten people is a good number of guests, one can go up to twenty, according to his circle of friends. If there are too many people, it can tire the mother-to-be, and she may not enjoy the party.

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