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In 2021, These are the Best Places to Visit in Turkey that You Must Include on Your Itinerary


The vibrant and colorful country of Turkey located in The Middle East is an interesting holiday destination. With a myriad of places explored in Turkey, you can witness the influence of the ancient Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Persian, and Byzantine eras throughout its numerous cities, such as Ankara, Istanbul, and Cappadocia. Alongside history is the rich culture of this city, which is evident through its Mosques and other structures that have survived through the test of time. Packed up to the max with ancient structures left from the parade of conquerors and adorned with stunning scenes that never fail to be awe-inspiring, Turkey is a dazzling destination that spans Asia and Europe. The vibrant culture, well-known food, and rich historical background captivate all who visit the country and make it one of the best places for TEFL jobs abroad. From its sun-soaked Mediterranean to the enormous mountains and desert steppes, its stunning landscapes are awe-inspiring within themselves.

Here are the some must see places in your Turkey tour packages:

1. Balat, Istanbul

The lively neighborhood of Balat the Balat neighborhood, which is the former Jewish district, is bursting with vibrant color areas in its less upscale residential streets, brightly painted staircases (like those leading up towards the Incir Agaci Kahvesi cafe), street art, parasol-shaded roads and wooden terraces that are painted with sugary pastel colors and rainbow hues (try Kiremit Caddesi). Explore the steep cobbled streets to find unexpected delights in the quaint cafés and antique shops as well as live music venues and cool art galleries.

2. Kabak Bay

Are you looking for a hippie vibe? Visit the peaceful Kabak Bay. If you’re located in Turkey and want to visit places like those in the Kabak Valley near Fethiye will be easy since you’ll need to take a taxi ride to experience the breathtaking beauty. If you’re an adventurer and adventurous, you could choose to go on an outing for the day. It’s among the most picturesque and famous destinations in Turkey.

3. Princes’ Island

Princes’ Islands is one of the most popular tourist destinations situated in Istanbul, Turkey. The best part about it is the quiet – horse-drawn bicycles and carriages are accessible in place of vehicles. The stunning landscape surrounding Princes Island makes it one of the most stunning islands and is one of the top destinations to visit on the island of Turkey for those seeking tranquility and peace. Indeed, some travelers spend as much as six to seven days in Turkey to witness the beauty of Princes’ Island.

4. Ankara

The capital of Turkey, Ankara, is a large, modern city with government buildings, commercial establishments, and foreign embassies and universities. It is located in the middle of Turkey and within the Anatolia area; Ankara is an important transport hub that connects nationals and tourists to the other important cities in Turkey. But, Ankara is not all business. The city is also home to several historic sites and some art and culture.

5. Cappadocia

It will be clear that you’re situated in Cappadocia when you look up to observe the vibrant hot air balloons floating across the sky. The most spectacular image on these air balloons of the World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO is the Goreme Open Air Museum, home to the stone-cut churches that once housed Byzantine monks. Also fascinating are the region’s 36 underground cities-with the most well-known one being Kaymakli Underground City. Kaymakli Underground City. When you’ve finished exploring the sites of Istanbul and Ankara, flights direct will take the city to the middle of the Anatolian area of Turkey. There are a variety of pottery shops, such as the Pasabag or Devrent Valley, and even stay in an underground hotel!

6. Ephesus

If you’re searching for one of the top places to go to in Ankara and the surrounding area, then Ephesus is a great option. It was a Roman city port from which sailors traded exotic spices and exotic fruits and played a significant role in spreading Christianity in the early centuries.
Celcius Library Celcius Library is the largest and most well-known attraction here, encouraging people to be knowledgeable. It is home to the biggest amount of architectural Roman ruins in the Eastern Mediterranean region. And from such a vast repository, only 15 percent of it has been found. The region’s rich history is what makes archaeologists, historians, and thousands of tourists visit here to look at the antiquated ruin.

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7. Topkapi Palace

The extravagant and stunning Topkapi Palace takes you into the magical, lavish world of the Sultans. It was here that the Sultans from their time in the Ottoman Era carved out an empire that spanned across Europe and down to Europe and down through the Middle East and into Africa.

The interiors, complete with colorful tiling and extravagant design, offer a memorable glimpse into the Ottoman’s power base. The gardens surrounding it were once the sole property for The Royal Court but are now accessible to the general public and offer a serene green oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city.

8. Kas

It is far enough away from the major resorts on the sea to remain from being a gimmick; the traditional fishermen’s village in Kas remains a refuge for boho-chic and hippie Turks. Crazy-paved streets are lined with traditional white-washed homes, wooden balconies adorned with a soaring bougainvillea that floats over the mountains. The village is near the amazing turquoise sea, natural swimming areas, and daybeds constructed over the water, covered with colorful cushions and textiles. This village’s Kaputas beach is one of the best beaches, sparkling blue and white, with a dramatic cliff backdrop. The island called Kekova is an underwater city that can be explored by snorkeling which is visible under the clear water.

9. Basilica Cistern

A Cistern is an underground storage system that stores and supplies purified water. The famous Basilica Cistern is an example that was built in 532 to store and purify water to the Palace of Constantinople and the adjacent areas. Today, visitors can go to two gates to the cistern.

As you look at the amazing effects and the cleverness employed to create the illusion of time; you will notice that the left part of the cistern is home to two medusas with flip heads. The purpose behind the positioning of the medusa with a flipped head remains an unanswered question. Additionally, you can visit this unusual tourist attraction to learn more about its fascinating history and functioning.

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