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Improve Relationships With Partners

Improve Relationships With Partners

You may have quarreled with your partner and wondered why they didn’t understand your feelings. But if you knew your feelings, you wouldn’t have been in a fight from the beginning. This is the idea behind the concept of “a language that conveys love.” Each person has their own way of expressing and feeling affection. Understanding the difference supports the relationship between the two. This simple method will significantly improve your relationship.

For most people, the essential things should be limited to one or two. And the combination is different for each person. It is not a theory backed by scientific research, but it is easy for many to understand because it is associated with the experience. It is clear from everyone’s eyes that the expression of affection differs from person to person.

Knowing what your partner values ​​are a big surprise. For example, I have given my lover a small gift for many years. I had a lot of ideas about those gifts, and I liked to give them a surprise. But he always says, “Oh, good, thank you,” and puts it there. I never got the reaction I expected. I wanted to say “I care about you” by giving a present, but the response “Oh, good, thank you” wasn’t enough.

But since I realized that his language of love wasn’t a “gift,” everything started to make sense. And I learned that my love for him wouldn’t reach me unless I said it. On the contrary, he realized that when I give a gift, it’s an expression of affection, so he’s more focused on its meaning than before.

What Is Important To Me?

On the contrary, it is also useful to know a language that does not mean love to you. In my case, I found that “service ” was not important. For example, suppose a friend drives you to the airport. It’s not that big of a deal for me, so I often treat it lightly. Similarly, I’m not good at doing something for my friends. Because I don’t value the service to others, I don’t think it’s worth it to others either.

Changes In Relationships Due To This Concept

Knowing what your partner values will help you to empathize with the other person’s feelings and help you understand the cause of the fight. Once you know the reason, it should be easier to find an ED solution.

The concept of the language of love not only reduces fights but also helps maintain good relationships. For example, we both love quality time, so having the time to do so can help us build a healthy relationship. If we end up in a long-distance relationship, we must be waiting for a much harder time than someone who doesn’t speak “quality time.” If you don’t have time to spend with them, you’ll be indifferent to them, and your relationship will stagnate.

Improve The Relationship Between

Knowing your partner’s language of love makes recharging surprisingly easy. It’s like a trick to improve the relationship between the two.

It is worth knowing that the language of love varies from person to person. Also, even the same person may change depending on the other person. The younger brother may be speaking to his lover in a different language than his family. In my case, I also need quality time with my family and lover, but I don’t necessarily ask my friends. I’m sure my friends didn’t ask me for it either.

This concept is also valid in business. As a leader, he seems to be motivating each member of the team by identifying ways to be aware that they are being evaluated.

Knowing what is important to you is all about understanding, empathizing with, and working with others. People are different. Each has different life experience, and each has a different background. Therefore, it is natural that the method of communication needs to be changed depending on the other party. It is also known that those who have a close relationship tend to have higher immunity and lower blood pressure and stress.

The concept of the language of love not only reduces fights but also helps maintain good relationships. For example, we both love quality time, so having the time to do so can help us build a healthy relationship.

The language of love is not universal. For example, you won’t be able to solve the problem of money between two people, the issue of relatives, or the problem of sharing household chores with a partner. Still, it is useful for better communication. Know what is essential to the other person and build a wonderful relationship.

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