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Important Things to Know About Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are commonly used in a variety of applications across many industries, including automobile, industrial and repair maintenance, general mechanics and commercial garages, and even for DIY projects at home. The basic function of a torque wrench is to tighten a nut or bolt. You can tighten a bolt with a spanner, but if you need to control the exact torque applied on the nut or bolt, you would need a torque wrench.

Being a high precision tool, it is important to know what torque wrenches do and what you need to keep in mind while working with this high precision tool.

Never over tighten your torque wrench

You will hear a clicking sound when the pre-set torque is reached. To attain the best results, only one click is enough. If you try to click the wrench multiple times, additional torque will be applied to the application. If you feel that you have added more torque, the best practice is to loosen the bolt first, tighten with an adapted tool and finish with the torque wrench to reach the correct and safe torque.

Do not use your torque wrench on an anticlockwise thread

Most torque wrenches work only in the clockwise direction. Unless indicated in the manual, never use your torque wrench on an anticlockwise thread. Users should always verify that the wrench will work on an anticlockwise thread to avoid losing torque control. There are torque wrenches that work on an anti-clockwise thread, for example, the left hand wheel nuts of automobiles and the left pedal of bicycles.

Never add extensions to your torque wrench handle

It is not advisable to attach a pipe or any other kind of extension to the torque wrench handle. Adding an extension can not only damage your tool but also lead to inaccuracies. Moreover, extensions can be quite risky to your torque wrench.

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Check the pre-determined torque when adjusting the wrench

Always check the manufacturer’s manual to understand the pre-determined torque for your equipment. This is to make sure that you achieve accurate results.

Check whether your torque wrench can be used to loosen bolts

Torque wrenches are generally used to tighten equipment. However, there are wrenches that can be used to loosen bolts. However, if the wrench cannot be used to loosen the bolt, you should use another too for it.

Use one hand with a stable and continuous move

It is easy to find out the markings on the torque wrench arm. The markings specify where to apply pressure.

Always wind your wrench back when not using it for a long period

If you are not using your torque wrench for a longer period, you need to wind it back. It is advisable to wind it back to the minimum scale setting. Take care not to wind it to zero. Letting the wrench sit for a longer time without winding it back can release the spring pressure, damaging it, and weakening the wrench which could lead to inaccurate values. 

Tool maintenance

Finally, as a high precision tool, a torque wrench needs to be re-calibrated on a regular basis. You need to be careful not to drop or damage your torque wrench.

A torque wrench lets you set the exact torque for your equipment. To take a look at a variety of torque wrenches visit our website.

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