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The Importance Of Employee’s Happiness Levels For Business Productivity

Business Productivity

Have you ever put in a lot of effort to boost team productivity, however, the results fell short of your expectations? No matter what you do, your team keeps producing lesser work done with poor quality or performance.

One ultimate problem that causes employees to be less productive is that they are unhappy. Unhappy employees tend to be unproductive because they don’t feel motivated to work and give their best to the company. Some reasons why employees are unhappy can include some things below.

1.    Excessive Work Demands

Employees who feel they are given too many tasks and responsibilities tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed, which can reduce their productivity as a result. Too much work with limited time can also make employees’ work quality decrease as a result.

2.    Poor Leadership

A dream job is not only seen by a high salary but also by good co-workers and great superiors. Unfortunately, not all jobs have dream superiors that will meet your expectations. There are bound to be all kinds of leaders with all kinds of different traits in the workplace. A bad boss will have a negative impact on your work experience and sometimes force you to leave your job. Employees who feel unappreciated or unsupported by their superiors are less likely to feel motivated to do a good job.

3.    Lack Of Career Development Opportunities

Employees who feel they do not have opportunities to grow and develop in their careers tend to feel unmotivated to perform well. They will think that no matter what they do, they will be stuck in their current position anyway, thus they don’t think they have to go the extra mile for their jobs. Even more, if their lack of career development opportunities is coupled with no increase in salary or annual bonus.

One of the most talked about work concepts nowadays – quiet quitting – a condition where employees prefer to work sufficiently or “as needed” according to the scope of responsibility is also one of the effects of a lack of career development and salary increases.

4.    Lack Of Positive Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important things that can help to improve employees’ work capability and productivity. Thus having superiors who can point out what things need to be improved is truly important for employees. In contrast, employees who do not receive recognition or appreciation from their superiors tend to feel unmotivated to work hard.

5.    Conflicts With Co-Workers

Employees who are involved in conflicts or disputes with their co-workers tend to feel unhappy and distracted at work. Conflict with co-workers can happen due to many things. It can be due to a lack of communication, different values, and even competition among each other.

Competition among employees can be a positive thing that can help to improve employees’ work quality, but if the conflict becomes toxic, i.e employees try to belittle others in order to shine – it can be a major disaster for all.

To overcome this problem, companies need to create a positive and supportive work environment and ensure that employees are allowed to grow and develop in their careers.  Managers and superiors must also communicate well with employees and provide constructive and positive feedback. This will help increase employee motivation and performance and create a healthier and more productive work environment

Why Are Happy Employees More Productive?

As mentioned before, employees who are happier tend to be more productive in producing their work. Not to mention their work quality will also be improved as a result. These are the reasons why happy employees are more productive in a company.

●      More Passionate And Enthusiastic

Happiness is definitely the best secret to increasing team productivity. When they are happy, your team members tend to be more energized, creative, and able to get more work done.

●      Increase Confidence

Happy employees will be more confident to take on more challenging work and produce something bigger. Likewise, when it comes to making important and quick decisions, employees can easily do it.

●      Maintain Loyalty

Productivity at work is also in line with employee loyalty. Employee loyalty will increase when they feel happy in their work. This is very important, because when a company can retain its existing employees – it can save time and money.

There are so many things that can be done to increase employees’ happiness level and productivity. For example, companies can give appreciation gifts to increase employee engagement. The gifts they receive will make the employees feel like an important part of the company. 

Making sure the work environment is kept clean and tidy all the time is also as important. You can hire an office cleaner Singapore to help maintain the workspace. With a  clean and tidy work environment, employees will be better inspired and able to work more productively.

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