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The Importance of Custom Coil Manufacturing Process

The Importance of Custom Coil Manufacturing Process

The custom coil manufacturing process is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Depending on the application area, different customers possess different priorities for the manufacturing of the micro-coils. However, fulfilling the needs and providing satisfaction to the customers is quite challenging. Many manufacturers can prepare a wide variety of custom-made micro-coils to fulfill the preferences of the customers. Three things that the manufacturers take into consideration during the manufacturing of custom-made micro-coils are reliability, cost, and electrical efficiency of the coils. From solar panels to medical equipment, micro-coils have multiple applications in different fields, therefore, it is important to ensure the high quality of the micro-coils. A manufacturing company should deploy the required tools, equipment, and expertise for the preparation of custom coils. In this article, we will investigate the manufacturing process, requirements for manufacturing, and the applications of custom-made micro-coils.

Manufacturing Process of Custom Coils:

The preparation of custom coils engages the winding process that involves the twisting of an isolated wire around a core. However, the demand for coreless micro-coils is increasing and for that, manufacturers remove the core once the winding process is completed. Coreless coils are useful for vein insertion. The thickness of the micro-coils depends on the desired winding numbers around the core. However, to protect the wire from reaching the isolation breakpoint, manufacturing companies require specialized machinery and expertise. 

The most commonly used material for the manufacturing of custom coils is copper because of its conductive property. However, based on the needs of the customers, manufacturers also use several other materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, platinum, gold, titanium, and titanium alloys. Manufacturers also need to use ultra-fine wire to manufacture the miniaturized custom coils. The use of ultra-fine wire again possesses a serious challenge for building the connection between two wires. To build an effective bonding between two wires, manufacturers need to use thermal compression bonding technology. Finally, to make the custom coils cost-effective, the ability of mass production is essential.

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Custom-made micro-coils are necessary for a wide array of applications. For instance, whether it’s aboutproducing pain management devices or controlling and monitoring the pacemakers, micro-coils are essential. For electricity-based ablations (for example microwave and RF coils), and electrophysiology treatments, micro-coils or electromagnetic coils are the crucial components. There are also significant applications for micro-coils in dental and orthopedic treatments that involve pulsed electromagnets. For the manufacturing of navigation and orientation sensors, micro-coils are necessary.

The Criteria That a Manufacturing Company should Have:

A manufacturing company should have several capabilities to manufacture custom-made micro-coils. First of all, the company should employ experienced, efficient and professional employees and have high-notch technological equipment. The manufacturing should also ensure the high quality of the micro-coils. To produce a large number of micro-coils within a limited time, the manufacturing company should also have the mass production ability. Above all, the manufacturers should be able to fulfill the requirements of the customers and produce unique-type of custom coils. These are some essential criteria that the manufacturers must possess. 

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