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Importance of Content Marketing for Apps

Importance of Content Marketing for Apps

As of right now, there are 2.87 million apps in the Google Play Store. You can understand the kind of fierce competition there is for apps to attract users and get downloads. It’s unequivocally a tough job but not an impossible one. Especially, when you use the right content marketing strategy.

Developers have always been trying to get their apps to stand out. That’s only possible by leveraging the power of content marketing.

But, remember – content is not just about creation. It’s about promotion as well.

In this post, we look at the myriad benefits of using content marketing for apps and the ways in which it can make your product thrive in a highly competitive market.

Here they are…

Better Branding

Branding is the overall image that you end up creating over the years. And, content is how you create that image/branding. For apps, in particular, having the right kind of branding is super crucial.

Your users should feel a connection and a kind of devotion for you. You can do that by sharing your story, how you came thus far, what kind of psychology went into the making of the app, and what you plan to resolve with the product.

You can communicate your side of the story with audiences to establish a kind of connection that is personal and real. When users feel a connection with you, they would automatically feel attracted to whatever you have to offer.

Leverages Testimonials to Encourage Downloads

A big part of content marketing is to attract customers’ testimonials and reviews. That’s because before downloading the app, most people would head towards the comments and reviews section to see how promising the app is, what’s the difficulty level to use it, the features of the app, things to expect from it,  etc.

By asking your contented users to leave reviews and testimonials both on the App Store as well as on the internet, you can give that final nudge that prospects need to download the app.

More Engagement Rate

Getting users to download the app is just the first step. You need to retain them as well. That’s where engagement comes in with content. You can do that by churning out helpful videos, content, blogs, demos, etc.

You can create use-cases, and describe in detail what your app is capable of. How it fits into people’s routine and why they must download it.

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Below are some ways in which can you create engaging content for your audiences –

  • Use relevant screenshots, videos, and images
  • Try to use simple language that’s easy to understand. Keep the technical terms and jargon to a bare minimum.
  • Add relevant CTAs
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Try to tell a story as much as you can
  • Break down the content using headings and subheadings

Always be sure to add relevant CTAs whenever possible to instigate the desired action from your audiences.

Build Trust

People love brands they can trust. How do you build trust? You put out content that’s promising, informative, shows that you care about your audiences, and shows that you’re an authority in whatever you have done.

Brands can also build trust by regularly interacting with their audiences. You can do that by –

  • Regularly responding to comments
  • Going live on channels like Instagram and Facebook
  • Answering people queries and concerns as soon as possible
  • Keeping them abreast of all the latest developments and happenings

Content Generates and Turns Prospects into Leads

With the help of powerful social media posts, newsletters telling about discount offers, and discussing app features, and through regular blogging, you can attract prospects and leads and turn them into paying customers.

Lead generation is only possible through a well-thought-out strategy.

You can encourage people to click on CTAs that get them to land on your blogs, websites, and app store page. You can get them to download your app or even ask them to perform any desired action which serves your business.

Helps you Appear for Relevant Search Terms

Just like search engines, people also look up a certain combination of keywords in the Play Store to look for the right kind of application. We already know that the competition for grabbing tops in the realm of applications is fierce. That means multiple contenders are fighting for the same spot.

In the middle of such complexities – optimizing your content for all the right kinds of keywords is the only way to rank higher for relevant industry keywords.

By utilizing the power of keyword optimization via content marketing you can beat hundreds and thousands of competitors. You can get more and more people to reach your application and download it.

Content marketing is also part of most link-building consulting services that aim to publish blogs with relevant search terms so you can rank higher in SERPs.

Bottom Line

Content marketing for apps in 2021 is no longer an option if you’re serious about your business and branding on the whole. Hopefully, you were able to take away some key points from this post and use it in your next content marketing efforts.

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