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How to Track Your Boyfriend without Him Knowing

Track Your Boyfriend

Relationships are really delicate. Over time, not only has the face of relations evolved but so has the amount of trust invested. The world has become a global village, making relationships unbearable as cheating is rampant. That’s why most females trust a boyfriend checker app to trace their boyfriends’ every move.

What Are the Reasons to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone?

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every relationship has its struggles, depending on the situation. Here are some reasons you would want to consider before using a boyfriend google hangouts tracking.

  • Poor communication

We often hear, “I always think of tracking my boyfriend’s cell phone whenever we fight.” Adequate communication is the foundation of a good relationship.

  • Lack of trust

Another reason why you’d want to track a boyfriend’s phone is trust. Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing with certainty what your partner can or cannot do.

  • Conflicts

You’re fighting more frequently than before, and you suspect that something went wrong in your relationship. If you’re afraid to ask your partner directly, you can check out their phone and try to find out whether they discuss the reasons with their friends.

  • Safety

You live in a dangerous neighborhood and worry about the safety of your boyfriend. Tracking his phone and checking whether he’s on his way home will bring you peace of mind.

While asking around or stalking a partner may help solve the problem, it is never convenient. Nevertheless, spy apps technology is making it effortless. You can now track your boyfriend’s every move anonymously.

Why Is eyeZy the Best Boyfriend Checker App?

If you’ve ever been stuck in a situation wondering, “Where is my boyfriend right now?” eyeZy is the answer. You can use GPS and other interesting features to trace your loved ones’ movements, including their route history.

GPS Tracker

EyeZy makes it pretty swift to observe your lover quietly. As long as your lover’s phone is connected to the internet, eyeZy can provide an up-to-date report of their geolocation history.


The geofencing tool is also helpful in monitoring a partner’s position. If you intend to track a boyfriend’s phone within a specific area, the geofencing feature got you. You can mark banned and safe zones for your partner with this feature. You will then get notifications whenever they enter or leave these zones.

Moreover, the app will display comprehensive information on your partner’s movements on a detailed map.

What Makes eyeZy Effective in Tracking?

Is it possible to track my boyfriend by phone number? eyeZy cannot track a device with the phone number only, however, it offers a range of other features that might prove helpful. These include the following:

  • Its unmatched stealth mode: The most exciting feature is that it is absolutely invisible. So, your partner will never know they are being watched.
  • It is effortless to set up and operate. It just takes a few minutes.
  • Excellent customer support is accessible throughout the day.
  • You can keep an eye on your partner using several capabilities ranging from geolocation to text message tracking.
  • It works remotely; so, you will not need to have the target phone in range after installation.
  • You will always get a notification when the app device owner uninstalls the app.

What Free Options Do You Have?

If you find the available spyware solutions pricey, you may consider using free options. So, if you’re wondering how can I track my boyfriend’s cell phone without paying, here’s the answer.

Google Timeline

This option applies to Android users. Simply connect your partner’s smartphone to your Google account, or use his account if you have the password. Also, make sure that his mobile device’s location sharing and time stamp options are enabled. Once done, you will see his movements reports using Google Maps.

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Find My iPhone

This option is only available if you share your lover’s Apple account and they’ve allowed location sharing. You can easily find your partner any time using the Find My iPhone functionality. You can also trace him down easily if you have his iCloud credentials and can directly track his device via the iCloud website.


EyeZy is an invaluable boyfriend checker app. It is dependable, simple to use, and completely undetectable on the target device. Though you must pay for the software, it offers useful features for tracking your lover. There are also alternative options that are entirely free but can never match the efficiency of using spyware.

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