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How To Select The Best LLC Service For You

What you should look for?

Before we get into choosing company formation services, let’s speak about what to look for in business structures.

If you take little to no action to change the structure of your business, it will be a sole proprietorship. That means it’s a sole proprietorship, and there’s nothing legally separating it from you as the owner. If you have a business partner, you will automatically enter into a partnership.

You can also choose to run your business as a company. This creates a barrier between you and the business. That is, if your business could not pay its bills or be sued, your personal assets could not be confiscated to settle the business debts. There are two types of corporations: S-corporations and C-corporations. The S-corporation is the most common type of corporation, particularly for small firms. It provides what are known as pass-through taxes. That is, your firm pays no taxes, and you pay profits taxes on your personal income tax return.

If your company is a qualifying charitable organization, it may qualify as a non-profit entity. In that situation, you will be eligible for tax breaks. This article, on the other hand, is about forming an LLC. With multiple tax options (if you’re the only member, an LLC can be treated as an individual entity, a limited liability partnership, or an S- or C-corp) and asset protection, the LLC is a sensible choice for many organizations. Furthermore, multinational companies and overseas investors favor the LLC since it is accessible to business owners who live in another country.

Value of LLC formation packages offered

The top LLC formation service packages provide everything you’ll need for firm incorporation at the lowest possible cost. Every LLC business formation bundle should include fundamental LLC formation as well as registered agent service. The important characteristics are often addressed in the Operating Agreement and Articles of Organization.

While you may choose low-cost packages such as ZenBusiness, you must ensure that you are receiving all of the necessary features and rewards for a worry-free experience. An LLC service may provide a free registered agent service, but another may require you to purchase it separately. You may also want the option to avoid paying for any features you may not require, such as the LLC kit and seal.

However, while forming new LLCs or businesses, you must deal with legal forms, tax filings, and document registration.


1. ZenBusiness


ZenBusiness Pros

  • LLC creation packages that are simple to use and reasonably priced
  • Customer service that is responsive
  • Online ZenBusiness evaluations have received excellent client feedback.
  • Registered agent services of the highest caliber

ZenBusiness Cons

  • On order to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN), you must spend an extra $70 in the ZenBusiness basic plan. However, we urge that you learn how to obtain an EIN for free.

2. Incfile


Incfile Pros

  • All packages include a full year of registered agent service for free. After that, it’s $119 per year, which is still on the lower end of registered agent pricing.
  • Incfile provides a real-time order tracking feature as well as excellent customer service.
  • The organization offers an easy-to-use web dashboard to assist you keep track of crucial deadlines and compliance notifications.

Incfile Cons

  • Important company features such as an Operating Agreement and an EIN will cost you extra.

3. Inc Authority

Inc Authority
Inc Authority

Inc Authority Pros

  • They will form your LLC for free, similar to Incfile (plus state fees)
  • Every bundle includes a full year of free registered agent services from Inc Authority.
  • Website and checkout process are simple to use.
  • Customer service and assistance that is knowledgeable

Inc Authority Cons

  • Several upsells that entrepreneurs would normally be able to obtain for free (e.g., EIN)
  • The premium starting bundles available are more costly than other LLC formation services.

4. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer
Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer Pros

  • The TRUiC and Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle comes with a special discount!
  • If you wish to try the legal services subscription package, which includes free LLC formation, the 7-day trial eliminates any risk.
  • Rocket Lawyer offers exceptional client service.

Rocket Lawyer Cons

  • Rocket Lawyer focuses on legal assistance and advice that extends beyond company creation. If you merely want to start a small business, there are more economical choices available.

5. LegalZoom


LegalZoom Pros

  • LegalZoom has established itself as one of the most popular LLC services, which confers brand authority on the company.
  • LegalZoom provides a broader range of legal services than other LLC formation businesses.

LegalZoom Cons

  • When it comes to LLC formation, LegalZoom is on the pricey side.

On a side note, BizFilings is also a reliable LLC service, do check out our take on the differences between Bizfilings and LegalZoom LLC services.

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