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How to Pick the Perfect Ring for Her

Perfect Ring for Her

If you are someone who is about to invest a convincing amount of money in an engagement ring, you must very carefully pick the right one. Whether the gift is for someone very dear or you intend to propose to her, you need to make sure that you pick out the perfect ring to truly impress the receiver.

What type of ring would suit her best?

Your engagement ring should be unique as it will be worn for life…and will be talked about among the women. Your engagement ring matters a lot. First of all, the most suitable type of ring is a diamond ring but yours should be unique to leave the best impression and hold the deepest sentimental value. The best thing you can do in this case is to build your own engagement ring.

Here are some things you should know while customizing a ring.

Measuring the Ring Size

The first step of getting the best ring for someone is to measure their ring size. Now, if you’re buying an engagement ring, you should know how to measure ring sizes without making her suspicious. Wrap a piece of paper or a band around the preferred finger and then flatten the paper or rubber out on a scale. Measure the length of the ring in centimeters.

Pay attention to the detailing of the diamond

While buying a diamond ring, four major components of the diamond matter the most.

  • Carat of the Diamond; the diamond’s weight unit.
  • Cut of the diamond is what gives the ring its bling and shine. The cut of the diamond is also what determines its clarity and color so you must be mindful of the cut.
  • Color of the diamond. The most expensive and charming diamonds are colorless, transparent, and sparkly. 
  • Color of the Claw holding the Diamond matters a lot as it will also contribute to the outlook of the ring. The color of the claw should depend on the color of the diamond.
  • Clarity of the diamond, meaning the tendency of the diamond to reflect light. The clearer a diamond is, the more sparkly it will be.

Choosing the right diamond according to her hands and fingers.

All women are unique with unique features and that includes their hands and fingers. The ring should suit the hand of the wearer.

Slender Fingers look their best in smaller diamonds. A small diamond with a thick band will make her hands look absolutely perfect!

Someone who has Short Fingers should opt for oval, rectangular, or emerald-shaped diamonds with a narrow ring band that will make her fingers appear long elongated.

Long Fingers are the most common type of fingers. If your significant other has long fingers, then you should definitely opt for a princess-cut diamond on a wide-length band.

Small hands look best in small round or oval-shaped diamonds with a thick band, making the hand look classy and beautiful when the ring is worn.

Large hands allow you to be creative. Most styles suit large hands the best. If you are someone who wishes to use a bulky or a chunky diamond, you can definitely try that out and it will look beautiful on her hands.

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