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How to organize your office space: 7 Tips

organize your office space

Around 35% of companies downsized their office in 2021. This percentage matters a lot, considering how difficult it becomes for employees to adjust in their already small cubicle. Bonus concern, for those who are just plain lazy to make a mess out of their cabinet.

The visual mess has a big impact on productivity and stress levels. So, if you don’t want to miss out on your deadlines and possibly hear a word from HR, here are a few tips that will help you organize your office space and keep you focused only on the work.

Let’s begin.

1. Organize your desktop and drawers

A clean desktop affects the mind and helps you focus during work. If it’s messy, disorganized, and cluttered even the smallest of tasks will prove to be overwhelming.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should stuff everything inside the cabinets and drawers to save up space. With just a little organization, your desktop can stay neat without compromising space in your drawers.

First, keep the important files aside and assemble all the small and big supplies. Now divide everything into stationery and decor items. Buy a small wire organizer and keep all of the stationary in one place. You will be surprised to see how much space it saves on the desktop and your drawers.

2. Throw everything you don’t need

While organizing your drawers or cabinets, you’ll get a list of things that are either irrelevant now or don’t come to use much.

Yes, throw those items away. These small things take up more stuff than you can imagine. It also means receipts that are no longer useful, old notes, and any kind of files. Shred all of them and organize your cabinets for new files and receipts.

3. Hide all the wires

What’s more irritating than wires? Clumsy and tangled wires.

With all the laptops, mice, and chargers floating on the desktop, the wires are bound to get messy within themselves causing trouble to find the port when it’s needed the most, (charging at 1% probably).

In order to reduce the mess, hide the cables and cords using an organizer by Homemakers South Ltd. It will prevent the wires from getting stuck, hence, reducing visual clutter from your desk and making you more focused on the screen.

4. Get comfortable with labelling

Labels are lifesavers if you are able to use them for your benefit. They are so versatile that they can be paired with anything and it is guaranteed to reduce your workload and stress.

All you have to do is, mark the organizers and cabinets with things they are storing. It can be a scissors box, paper cabinet, important files, and others.

You can also go ahead and label the wires used for different appliances too

It will save you time in situations when you’re frustrated with opening the same cabinet again and again while searching for an important file.

5. Use a pegboard

Use your wall space to make the most out of your organizing skills.  Install a pegboard and hang all the essentials like scissors, staplers, pens, tapes on it.

This small addition will save you a lot of desk space and also allow you to store more important things inside the drawers.

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6. Organize your mails

Organizing your work is just as important as organizing your office space. One tends to get overwhelmed if there are a lot of emails to catch up on. So, instead of responding to everyone at the exact moment, organize and store them into folders in order of urgency to respond.

It will help you prioritize work. Also handling one situation at a time will keep you on top of your work and also minimize any kind of delay.

7. Avoid using too many notes

Frankly, it’s quite common to get addicted to sticky notes. It provides the comfort of penning down important points and sticking them so that it doesn’t get missed. Most people use these notes for getting work done. That’s why too many of them can create panic.

So, fight the urge of sticking every note on the wall and get organized with your work. Take help from google notes or just a pen, paper.

Over to you…

Organizing isn’t hard if you treat it like an assignment rather than a huge task. And with these tips, I hope it will get much easier for you.

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