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How to Make Empanadas Business Profitable?

How to Make Empanadas Business Profitable

Empanadas are a food item that is truly ideal for any occasion or gathering. Whether with
friends or family, as a party snack, or simply as a pre-dinner bite, these delicious treats are
absolutely perfect for everyone. Perhaps this is why you started your own empanadas business.
Unfortunately, simply having the perfect recipe and scrumptious empanadas is not enough
anymore. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, when so many people lost jobs, and the country
faced a financial crisis, it might be difficult to maintain a steady stream of profits through your
However, we have created this empanada business plan that contains all the necessary tips that can help you enhance your business, reach more customers, and ultimately earn more profit. So, let’s get right into it!

1. Evaluate and Optimize the Menu

Stop and take a hard look at your menu to see if it is offering customers enough. Are you only
making empanadas? If not, then what else are you providing in your menu?
You should structure your menu with items that will encourage anyone who looks at it to make
a purchase. Perhaps offer food items that complement the main attraction of your business,
empanadas. Some examples can include Mexican or black bean rice, various types of salsas,
corn on the cob, etc.

2. Invest in High-Quality Machinery and Ingredients

Another excellent way to increase the quality of the empanadas you make is to produce them
with better quality ingredients and machinery. For example, look up commercial empanada
machines and dough roller commercials to see which one is the most suitable for you. This will
also lead to more sales and people coming back for more of your empanadas.
You should not change the recipe if it is working for you, but rather get the best quality
ingredients, such as flour, meat, and more. Similarly, your work will also become more efficient
and easier when you invest in high-quality machinery, such as dough makers.

3. Your operational costs will also increase Prices

When you invest in better machinery and ingredients and introduce more items on the menu.
This means that it is time to increase your prices. This should be done strategically so that it is
not a shock for customers.
Review your inventory and the costs of the ingredients to see which item’s price should be increased.
Moreover, do not introduce a high spike in prices as you might lose customers this way.
Instead, slowly integrate increases through a few items on the menu.

4. Focus on Marketing

Marketing is another extremely important aspect of your empanada business that you should
focus on if you want to make it profitable. This is the one thing that will help you reach a wider
range of audiences and lead you to make your business memorable. Invest in enticing
commercials and advertisements for your business.
Depending on your marketing budget and whether you wish to go local or global, you can
consider traditional marketing tactics or digital marketing tactics.

5. Do Better than Your Competition

Chances are that there is another empanadas business in your local area that might be doing
better than you. If that is the case, you should analyze their marketing tactics and how their
menu and restaurant look and emulate or make yours better.
You must offer your customers a more valuable experience than your competitors. This is what
will make them want to come to you consistently. You can do this by offering your customers
something your competitors don’t, such as eating competitions or other types of campaigns.

6. Focus on Your Customers

If you want to increase your empanadas business’ profits, the most important thing is to focus
on your customers. It is not just the food that matters anymore; it is rather the overall dining
Consider asking your customers what they think your business could do better, what they
would like to see on the menu, and what sort of promotions they would enjoy. You can do this
through comment cards or by directly emailing customers if they have your information.

7. Offer Online Ordering

These days, it is an expectation that any food business offers online ordering and delivery
options. This has become more popular, so if your competitors are not doing this, you should
definitely take it up yourself. There is an excellent profit margin with such a feature, so don’t
miss out on it.

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Final Words

These were some of the ways you can grow your empanadas business and make it profitable. If
you are looking for the best quality machinery and equipment to enhance your empanadas
production and take your business to the next level, check out Maquiempanadas. We are
dedicated to providing the best machinery for all food businesses. For more details, visit our

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