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How to Maintain Home Window Glass in Summer

Home Window Glass

Summers are just a few days away, so it’s time to switch into a summer cycle. Let’s chuck the heavy fluffy winter wear and time to rock summer dresses. From soups to ice cream, the switch is always waited for. In between all the hassle, let’s not forget our windows. Windows are the most underrated part of our entire life. 

To our homes, the windows are its eyes, and just like how eyes allow us to see all the pretty and beautiful things that life has to offer, windows help us to know the experience and wonders of the world, from the comfort of our homes.

It’s not just aesthetics but will also provide you warmth during coldest days. Double glazing glasgow, as an example, has this kind. It will benefit energy consumption as well.

So, it is essential to keep them clean and neat for the summer.

Here are some tips that will help us to maintain our window in summer-

1. Go ammonia-free- The first mistake that almost everybody makes is cleaning their windows with ammonia or any other kind of acid. This is because they are very economical, have no smell, are easy to use, and might also be effective for cleaning.

But post-cleaning takes time to dry and hence attracts dust and germs that stick to it. Additionally, in the case of a tinted window, ammonia-based cleaner changes tint to bubble and discolor, becoming hazy or brittle. The best way to clean your house window types is to make your vinegar-based solution that is both effective and economical.

2. Repairs: Just before the arrival of summers, we need to check certain things in our windows. The items include Weather Stripping, Window Caulking, Window Hardware, Window Panes, and checking for leakages. These things form the basic structure of a window, and damage in any one of them can damage your entire window. So repairs are needed to be done on time.

But these things can be very technical, especially for people who don’t possess a single carpentry bone in their bodies. They can go for window glass replacement treatments through good companies like Express Glass which provides these services in a very pocket-friendly manner. 

3. Tough spots: We all have had days where that one spot won’t get cleaned no matter how hard you try. In our frustration, we take extreme steps like using razor blades or sharp objects to scrap them. But that is a horrible idea as it will lead to permanent scratches and weakening of the glass of your window. Instead, you need solvents like acetone or mineral spirits to a clean, dry, lint-free microfiber cloth. As usual, vinegar is your best friend. But in case you don’t have it, you can also replace it with lemon. To use lemon, rub it over the stained area directly. You can also use essential oils, white toothpaste, baking soda, etc., as an alternative.

4. Window frames and screens– Window frames are the toughest to clean and maintain as they can be damaged easily. In no case can we ever power wash it. The best way is to vacuum it is to use water and homemade solutions. If you are not using the homemade solution, you need to be very careful, as chemicals can easily discolor and even rot some part of your frame. Lastly, use a small, soft-bristle brush to clean the weep holes. For the screen, use the vacuum and hot water. The screen is easy to clean but requires frequent cleanings, especially during summers.

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Windows are the only source of natural light in our house. And cleaning and maintaining them is a must. I hope this article helps you understand the significance of windows how you can keep them spotless and clean during the summer seasons.

Windows bring natural light into our homes and also reduces the amount of heat transfer from your house to the cold outer air during winter days when you use a double glazing Bristol type of window.

A 1984 research says that patients who had access to natural sunlight filtering in through their windows recovered more quickly post-surgery than those who didn’t. If sunlight has such significance in our lives, then we must make sure that we try to get natural light as much as possible. Cleaning and maintaining them is a must because windows enhance the well-being of the residents of a house.

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