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How to look stylish and chic in rainy season

Rains can be unpredictable therefore, one needs to do early preparation of their wardrobe to avoid being caught up by the gloomy weather. As much we need to keep warm during the entire season it is also important that we maintain stylish and chic looks. But how do we do this?

Layer up

While this remains to be time for cold, dressing up in several layers of clothe makes the entire look to pop up. You may choose to put on a light vest top underneath, knitted sweater in the middle and a classy women raincoat on top.

Another layer design is wearing knee-high stockings inside boots. This is an easy trick to keep warm and still pull out chic looks.

Carry essentials in a large waterproof tote bag

This is a time to invest in a beautiful tote bag to protect all your essentials from soaking. Tote bags are kind of kits that carry items such as; phone, make up, documents and cash. There are varieties of waterproof materials for tote bags for example, leather. The bags not only protect your belongings but also spice up the entire outfit of the day.


Generally, everyone has an umbrella during rainy season. While everyone is carrying around an umbrella for protection purpose, think of it as a way of adding statement. The bright side of umbrellas is that one can invest in a fun umbrella for instance, shades of pop up colors, polka-dotted or print umbrellas.

Also for women who love fashion can use womens raincoat which will act as an umbrella. This womens raincoat is also an easy thing to carry around.

Carrying an umbrella also acts as an accessory. Everyone recognizes you wild fashion as you are dressed in a full package of rainy fashion designs.

Women rain coat

There is no debate on the necessity of rain coat in rainy season as it is mandatory. However, the question remains, how do I look chic and stylish in rain coat? The digital market stores have countless designs of rain coats to choose. An example of stylish rain coats are trench waterproof rain coats. You may dress in this with a pair of jeans and high-knee boots and cardigans.

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Try out knee-high boots

Knee-high boots serve several purposes during rainy season. One of the major reasons is to keep feet warm throughout the day. Secondly boots help to prevent water from splashing onto the rest of the outfit when it rains. Lastly, they help to look stylish. Most people prefer to use flip flops or spare shoes to save their favorites for summer. You outstand from the rest when you invest in stylish boots. Knee-high boots also prevents one from slipping on wet floors or mud.

An added advantage is that boots are easy to clean and serve both rainy and winter seasons.

Rainy season may be challenging to select the right attires that present stylish looks. However, follow the tips mentioned above if you desire to still look chic throughout the season.

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