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How To Keep Wireless Earbuds From Falling Out Of The Ears?

Keep Wireless Earbuds From Falling Out of the Ears

Wireless earbuds are our go-to tech picks because they provide a sense of convenience through their minimal magnitude, while the performance remains the same, or maybe even better.

From business entrepreneurs to professional music composers and now online students plus teachers prefer using wireless earbuds over hefty headbands and ready-to-tangle wired headphones. The reason is obvious, we want simplicity embedded with quality.

But it is not as easy as it sounds and one definite problem with wireless earbuds is to keep them in place. While the reasons can be many, so are the solutions. You just need to figure out the one that suits your situation. Let’s dig into possible treatments.

 5 Easy Tricks to Keep Wireless Earbuds in your Ear

The game is straightforward, read through the explanations and ideas mentioned below carefully. You will not only find the possible cure but will also learn a lot about how the earbuds work in the ears.

1. Get earbuds according to your natural ear size

Every person’s ear is unique in size and shape. While these companies manufacture earbuds in a specific size that fits the majority of people, some of us just can’t handle it.

Though there are three standard sizes as small, medium, and large, we don’t pay much heed to this concept. We tend to use the earbuds just as they come, overlooking the other sizes present in the package. If you put small-sized earbuds into your large ears and likewise large-sized earbuds into your small ears, you are gonna have them falling time and again.

So before buying a pair of earbuds, make sure the package offers different sizes in it and go for the one that fits and feels natural to your ear shape.

2. Clean your ears regularly, hygiene is a bonus

If you have been using earbuds for most of the day, you should know that your ears are making a lot of earwax. The production of ear wax is directly proportional to exposure to heat. When you constantly listen to something through earbuds, the heat accelerates sweat and earwax which makes the internal part of the ear quite slippery. The tips of earbuds are usually made of plastic or silicone which makes the grip uneven. Consequently, the earbuds don’t stay in the position and keep falling out. One thing you can do in this case is to clean your ears with cotton sticks every few days if you are in the habit of using earbuds for the maximum time, either due to job or out of pleasure.

3. Wear the right side in the right ear, hence the left

Few manufacturers design each side, right and left, with a minimal difference according to the ear’s natural adjustment. They often mark it behind the earbuds with R and L. So the R-marked earbud is supposed to go only in the Right ear and the L-marked earbud is made specifically for your Left ear. The problem occurs when you switch the sides. We understand you don’t do it intentionally and it happens out of impulse. It is good to check the mark before wearing them to maintain the hold. In case your earbuds don’t have those marked labels, you can observe the ideal side yourself after a few days of attentive use and mark it yourself.

4. Pick earbuds for the job they are designed for

As the technology has widespread and liberated itself from the unknown shackles to help the world get more lucrative in things, we see earbuds are now made as per the various requirements. If you are using high-end musical earbuds designed for people with music as a professional background just to listen to music while jogging, there is a conflict. Likewise, if you are employing your basic or not-so-sweat-proof earbuds in an activity that stimulates you into a lot of sweating such as gymnastics, there is a problem again. Therefore, be wise and invest in the right niche. If you are into rigorous movements, buy the earbuds that are made to be used while working out, walking, and running. These are formulated ideally to provoke a better grasp in your ears.

One all-rounder earbuds with definite comfort, excellent sound level, thoughtful design, Bluetooth compatibility, and noise Isolation feature are Raycon E25. Also, these come along with 6 different-sized ear tips which makes it effortless on the end of the user to operate the right fit. Hit the link to go through all its intelligent features and help yourself to decide on the best.

5. Stretch the earlobe to make room

If all fails or you don’t have a good budget to invest in the right earbuds for now, until then, you can try this genius makeshift hack. For it to work, before putting the earbud in, stretch the earlobe a little towards your face and gently place the earbud in the ear. Now gradually release the earlobe and you will see that your ear will make a natural space to adjust the earbud without the unwanted falling-out issue.


Remember, your investment in earbuds or anything else is only justified when they are serving the purpose right enough. Moreover, sometimes it’s not your ears that have the problem but the earbuds and vice versa. Be attentive to the product you use and the way you use it to land on the hacks in less time.

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