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How to Implement the “Clean As You Go” Method

Clean As You Go

We’ve all been there – the mad dash to clean the whole house before a guest arrives. You kick yourself because you wish you’d thought ahead and tidied before things got so bad. However, what’s done is done, you can’t change the past – but can change the future.

The clean as you go method helps bring your attention to clearing your mess as gets created, helping to avoid a build-up later down the line. There are many advantages to the clean as you go method, all of which positively impact your physical and mental health. So, if you’re struggling to get organised and want to change your habits this new year, here’s how to implement the clean as you go method. 

Put your clothes away

When you’re rushing around from pillar to post, you’ll often sift through your wardrobe to find the right outfit. However, it’s never that easy, so you end up throwing outfits all over the place and leaving them scattered on your bedroom floor.

When you come back to see your clothes lying everywhere, chances are you’re too tired to put them away and, a pile begins to build in the corner of your room. Does all of this sound relatable? Well don’t worry, there’s an easy fix – put your clothes away!

Train yourself into putting each item that’s unused back in your wardrobe. It might help to think about how nice it’ll be coming home to a clean room. To help, organise your home, consider investing in fitted wardrobes for under the stairs, to give you additional storage and ensure that each item has its place. 

Keep on top of your kitchen 

Thanks to foods like raw meat, kitchens often get covered in germs. So, to keep on top of this – ensure you prevent them rather than get rid. 

Some easy ways to do this are: 

  • Wash your dishes straight after you eat
  • Disinfect after prepping every meal 
  • Keep your floors swept, mopped and hoovered
  • Wash your hands after every job

Doing this will ensure your kitchen looks incredible and, it’ll make you feel proud of your workspace. 

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Store cleaning products in your utility, kitchen and bathrooms

Has there ever been an occasion where you’ve needed to clean the bathroom, but your products are downstairs and, you can’t be bothered to retrieve them? If this rings true, keeping cleaning products in your bathroom is a simple fix.

Storing cleaning products in handy spaces will help you clean as you go, rather than waiting until things get dirty. Rather than having to clean your toilet, sink, shower and bath all at once, you can do it whenever is necessary.

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