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How to find a perfect Logan Airport Parking spot

Logan Airport Parking spot

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (BOS), better known as Logan International Airport, is the 19th busiest airport in the USA in passenger traffic. Named after 20th-century war hero General Edward Lawrence Logan, the airport is the largest in the New England area and Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The airport recorded passenger traffic of 42,522,411 in 2019, the highest in its history. Though the passenger traffic is high, there is no shortage of Logan airport parking spaces. One could easily get a parking spot if you plan well.

The airport has non-stop services to the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the North Atlantic region. Logan Airport also serves as the hub and operating base for many American airlines. Boston, being a commercial hub, you could find frequent flyers in the airport. So, it will be tough to get a Logan airport parking space as the airport gets busier. If you find onsite Logan airport parking spaces a bit expensive, there are many offsite parking garages and spaces that make use at affordable rates.

Onsite Logan airport parking

The Logan airport parking features four main parking lots – Central Parking Garage, Economy Airport Parking, Terminal B Garages, and Terminal E Lots. All these parking lots offer short-term and long-term parking in the airport.

Central Parking Garage

If you are looking for easy access to all the terminals, this is the best Logan airport parking option you can use. This parking garage has easy access to terminals A, B, C, and E. Access to all the terminals is provided via the pedestrian bridges set up at Level 4. Parking at this garage will cost you $8 for the first hour and $38 for a day. The hourly rate spikes to $21 if you use the garage for 1-2 hours. Parking for 24-30 hours will cost you $57 and $76 for 30-48 hours. For each additional day, this Logan airport parking space will charge you $38. Parking at this garage will get you complimentary services like jump starts, help with lockouts, lost car searches, and air for deflated and flat tires.

Terminal B Garage and Terminal E Lot

These parking lots are best suited for those who want short-term Logan airport parking. The short-term parking lots in the airport are located close to all terminal entrances. Terminal B Garage is located outside Terminal B, and the Terminal E Parking Lot is located just outside the corresponding terminal. Parking at both these lots will cost you $8 for the first hour and $38 for a day. You will be charged $57 for 24-30 hours and $76 for 30-48 hours. Parking for each additional day charges you $38. These Logan airport parking lots have complimentary services similar to those offered by the Central Parking Garage. Currently, Terminal E Lot is closed.

Economy Airport Parking

Parking your vehicle in this Logan airport parking lot will help to save your money. Though the Economy lot is not near the airport, it offers free complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport. Currently, the parking lot is closed. When open, parking at this lot costs you $8 for the first hour and increases to $20 for 1-2 hours. The maximum charge for daily parking is $29, $44 for 24-30 hours, and $58 for two days. As the lot is temporarily closed, you could check for offsite garages or hotel parking spaces if you need safe and affordable parking.

How to get hassle-free Logan airport parking

Most of us don’t wish to travel around the garages looking for a parking spot. Moreover, it is not easy to get a Logan airport parking space easily. So, it is better to have guaranteed parking so you could have a relaxed flying.

  • Gold Express: This will assure you of a Logan airport parking spot. The designated Gold Parking Express parking areas are in Central Parking on Level 3. Even if the parking garage is full, you could enter the garage and get parking. You could get a Gold Express membership by paying a one-time membership fee of $200 and will charge an annual membership fee of $100 every year. The parking rates start at $22 for the first six hours and increases to $43 for 7-24 hours. Though the rates are a bit higher, that’s the cost you pay to have an assured parking spot and a relaxed ride to the airport and subsequent flying.
  • Exit Express: By joining this program, you could reduce your waiting time at the Logan airport parking garages. Though it won’t assure you a parking spot, you could save time by just waving the parking card at the garages. The parking charge is automatically debited from your credit card.

Offsite BOS parking

You may have the feeling that the Logan airport parking garages are a bit overpriced. However, it is the price you pay for getting a safe and nearby parking spot. You could always search for offsite parking garages or spaces if you like to get discounted parking rates. There are parking garages that offer hourly parking starting from $2 and daily parking under $20. You could use their app or websites to get attractive offers or use the app or website to get a safe and affordable parking spot near the airport.

Free Logan airport parking

The airport features a cell phone waiting lot which could be used for free while picking up someone.

  • The maximum waiting time is 30 minutes.
  • Vehicles should have a driver, and no commercial vehicles are allowed in the lot.
  • All terminals are around five minutes away from the lot.

Tips for Logan airport parking

  • The airport has 173 parking spots for electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles.
  • There are 26 free electric vehicle charging points near the terminals.
  • All garages have accessible parking for vehicles with a valid plate or placard. These vehicles can use the garages even if the garages are fully booked. Accessible pick-up and drop-off areas are set up at all terminal entrances.
  • All parking garages have parking spaces for over-height vehicles.
  • Parking violations at the Logan airport parking garages will award you a parking ticket. 
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