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How To Ensure That Your Classroom Safety Plan Ticks All The Boxes

Classroom Safety

Your average person isn’t overly keen when it comes to health and safety arrangements, even more so when it comes to having an inspection from one of the governing-body representatives.

If you’re a teacher, then you should be able to relate to the feeling you get when you find out that you have an inspection coming up, how those feelings change as the day comes closer and starts to turn into more of a reality. It can be really hard to plan or to allocate the time it deserves, without affecting your other core job requirements.

There’s More To Think About Than Ever Before

Nobody truly knows what the future holds – perfect evidence of that can be confirmed by the amount shutdowns, lockdowns and reopening. Everything is ok and then, being told that everything is not okay again numerous times over the last few years. Not only does it put you as a teacher under an immense amount of pressure, this same issue sits with the students and their parents. It’s precisely the reason many schools are now speaking with consultants to get advice for health and safety in schools.

Naturally, people react differently to the news. You can see for yourself. If you take a walk down the street, the majority will be wearing a mask of some kind. Some people, however, choose not to wear one, if they can get away with it. Based on that example, there will be parents who have different feelings and needs surrounding their child’s safety. Depending upon the age of the student, he or she may also have their own worries, concerns or personal requirements.

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You’ve Got Your Work Cut Out 

The dynamics of dealing with everybody’s wants or needs is enough on its own; it’s a wonder as to how many more responsibilities can be carved out for you as time goes on. With that said, there are guidelines set out by the local health and safety governing body which you should be able to find with a quick Internet search. At least that gives you a starting point, although, if you’ve been in the job for a while, you may well have a copy stuck to wall. The trouble is, how often does it gets looked at, how old is it, and is it adhered to?

It’s always best to print a fresh copy because, well, things change. Going through the process of actually printing the guidelines out will hopefully get your mind into planning mode. The guidelines are a good place to start. However, there is so much to do and as with most people, your interpretation of the meanings may differ from what is actually meant. Teachers who are already working with somebody else who’s trained in the profession of classroom safety planning have said that they absolutely couldn’t have managed without help and support. 

Put The Wheels In Motion

Put The Wheels In Motion

It might be an uphill challenge at the start, especially if you’re not the decision maker. The wise thing to do would be to perhaps speak with one of the heads who can put the idea forward for you. If you have direct contact with the decision maker, then a quick reminder might help, either that or a chat with some local professionals may encourage the sending of some literature to the school.

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