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How To Consume Southeast Asia’s Beneficial Herb?

Red maeng da kratom

With the rise of natural alternatives for health conditions like anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc., more people opt for natural herbs and medicines that cause minimum damage to the body. Kratom is one such herb expanding its base in western markets for several benefits they offer. Kratom is a unique herb different from other opioids. It is extracted from tree leaves and comes in various strains such as red maeng da kratom, gold Bali kratom, etc.

Most common forms of taking kratom

The general procedure of preparing kratom is to remove it from the tree and then consume the fresh leaves. But a preferable method is to let the leaves dry and then crush them into a powder form. The powder form is the easiest and most effective method for taking kratom. However, it is also available in other diverse forms like capsules, tea, and drinks. Commercially, kratom is mainly available in powder form, which can be swallowed directly or stirred into other beverages. Three unique ways of consuming kratom powder can be:

With citrus juice

In powder form, you can easily add kratom to a citrus juice. For example, try mixing the kratom powder into the orange juice to activate the alkaloids present in kratom. It will also enhance kratom’s overall effect.

With water

If you are not a fan of citrus juices, take one spoon of kratom powder and toss it down with some water or any other non-citrus juice.

In capsules

It is one of the simplest ways of taking kratom. Here, the powdered kratom is put into capsules which a kratom user can then bring in variable numbers as per their requirements.

Other forms of kratom

Apart from these, there are other ways people consume kratom, such as tinctures or resins. These kratom versions have their unique concentration and potential in leaving the after-effects. For instance, the tea version of kratom is becoming very popular in America; but it does not offer the same stimulating and mood-boosting effects. As per kratom users, when kratom is consumed in tea form, its pain-relieving tendency reduces but an increment substitutes this reduction in euphoric effects. Hence it depends on personal preference and the kind of effect a person seeks from kratom.

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Positive Effects of Kratom Powder

Kratom powder promotes many positive effects on the consumer’s body. Some positive results are listed below:

  • When consumed in small doses, it can elevate energy levels, mood and focus. 
  • Kratom in powder form can help people who aim to lose weight by curbing their appetite.
  • For people looking for a caffeine-free substitute, kratom is a very good stimulating alternative. It can also help people looking to stop the usage of nicotine.

The Bottomline!

Kratom powder offers many benefits once you understand how to take powdered kratom. It is an excellent natural herb providing an alternative to many medications. Still, take utmost caution about kratom dosage as a high dosage can have sedative effects. Overall, it offers many benefits and may help you get the desired results.

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