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How To Build Fast And SEO Friendly Web Apps Using ReactJS, Redux, And Next.js

build fast and SEO friendly web apps

SEO-friendly web apps are one of the top segments of custom mobile app development. Many businesses are targeting the customers via these by offering their services. We all know that what is SEO, and this term is stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is not only beneficial for the website also for the web apps. Digital marketing totally replaced the traditional promotional and marketing techniques where SEO is one of the crucial parts of it. Without SEO, internet marketing is nothing.

Any startup or even physically established business can take the help of SEO to excel in business. The reason is that most businesses are operating online via websites and web apps. So, it becomes necessary that both must be optimized as per search engine optimization techniques; it will help in brand promotion.

High organic traffic, tons of opportunities, and high revenue are the direct benefits of SEO where other benefits also exist. In terms of brand awareness and building trust among customers, it is such a great thing. Those web apps can be generated using ReactJS, Redux, and Next.js. So, before we proceed to know that how to build fast and SEO friendly web apps with these technologies, let us have a brief glimpse about these-

What is ReactJS, Redux and Next.js?


The ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that is flexible, efficient, and declarative, and used for building user interfaces. It allows developers to craft the complex UIs using a small piece of code called components. It’s one of the specialties to allow the developers to create reusable UI Components. The ReactJS development services provide an enriched experience of web app development. 


If you want to write applications that must behave consistently, can run in different environments, i.e., client, server, and native) and allows the testing team to test it appropriately, then Redux is the best option. It can be used with any JavaScript library or framework, such as while React native app development, Redux can be used with React framework.


Next.js is a React framework that is used to develop single-page JavaScript applications. It is such a great tool to build a website and web app. It offers many great features and advantages. Its features are image optimization, automatic compilation, typescript support, fast refresh, file system routing, Built-in CSS support, code splitting & bundling, and so forth.

All these three techniques can be used for web development where the developers leverage the advantages. However, although these applications can be developed for brand promotion and targeting the customers, you need to apply SEO techniques.

Why SEO Friendly Web Apps Are Important?

The SEO friendly web app means Google or other search engines can crawl the pages, performs indexing database, and impactfully interpret the content. The prime objective of building these apps is that once the web apps are indexed, they can find them in search results.

The web applications must be appealing to the users in terms of speed, unique content, and SEO-optimized designs. The custom mobile app development company always focuses on developing applications optimized as per the search engine principles. The reason is that high-ranking websites always get users’ attention and think that a particular link is perfect that can provide the perfect answer to their query. There are several techniques to implement SEO, but the initial thing is the web app that must be SEO friendly.

1. The SPA (Single Page Application), React and SEO

The Single Page Application, in short, is called SPA about web app development. A web app does not need page reloading, and the user accesses it via browser. A single HTML page serves its content where it does not reload while the user interacts with it. You will be amazed to know that its examples are Google Maps, Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, etc.

The React Native app development services providers worldwide work on the same concepts, although their logic may differ as per the requirement.  Their first choice is to build SPA using React because of its component-based architecture that allows the developers for code reusability and transforms large applications into smaller segments. Once the app is built, then SEO techniques can be applied easily.      

2. Next.js Framework & SEO Optimization

There are some challenges with SPA & React that can be overcome with the help of Next.js. One of the ReactJS development services providing firm leaders told in an interview that it is always exciting to compare ReactJS and Next.js. It gives clear insight and great learning about programming. Its features, such as automatic code splitting and hot code reloading, make it a promising technology for web app development.

Server-side rendering and prerendering are two options that make Next.js web apps compatible with SEO. For prerendering the website, the commands are next.config.js, and npm runs the export. It creates a new directory that contains static pages. It makes the website crawlable.  Other techniques are creating a sitemap and the addition of metadata that makes Next.js web apps SEO friendly.

3.Redux and SEO Friendly Web Apps 

Redux is also one of the top favored choices of mobile app development companies for developing SEO-friendly web apps. One of the qualities that makes any web app SEO friendly is its speed, and Redux is best. It is the technique that empowers the developers to build applications that execute fast. It works as the centralized repository that allows developers to use it throughout the application development and execution. One of its main specialties is that if there is any change in Component A, other components stay aware of it. Therefore, it makes web apps more interactive and executes fast, which is the main requirement of any SEO-friendly web app.

The Conclusion

Single-page applications (SPA) are one of the best web applications that offer seamless interaction to the user and greater performance than the other. It is beneficial not only for the user also for custom mobile app development companies that develop applications for the clients. It also offers a low server payload that in turn provides faster execution of the web app. ReactJS, Redux, and Next.js are best for web development, and they have their own qualities. So, you can decide with whom you want to go as per your requirements. However, for making the process easy, it would best if you hire Reactjs development services. It is leveraging the advantages of web development experience. 

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