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How to Attract Engineering Talent

Attract Engineering Talent

As of recent, it has become increasingly difficult to gain the attention of qualified engineers. In fact, science, technology, engineering, and maths roles are among the most difficult to fill due to fewer people showing interest in the field. This problem starts all the way from high school, wherein students are choosing not to pursue the sciences within their education. As a result, this creates a smaller talent pool for the future job market, which contributes to the growing skills shortage. 

Although salary is a key driving factor behind making employment opportunities attractive, this isn’t the only thing that engineers are looking for. Similarly, a good salary only provides you with a short-term solution, as other companies will surely come forward and compete for top engineering talent. As previously mentioned, the number of qualified engineers on the job market is scarce, meaning that they can afford to be picky. Consequently, when it comes to engineering recruitment, you need to ensure that the job opportunity you’re offering is the most attractive. 

Top Technology

It’s no surprise that engineers are after the top technology when searching for a new role, considering the duty of an engineer heavily revolves around advancing technology. In fact, it’s these continuous developments that influences their motivation and curiosity. If a company is still using the same processes as they were using even only two years ago, this will deter the interest of the newest candidates. 

The most sought-after recruits will always be on the hunt for companies that actively advance their engineering technologies. Meanwhile, they’ll want to partake in innovative initiatives that are driven by engineering minds to propel the company forwards. Ultimately, it’s not about being the most innovative company on the market, it’s about highlighting your company’s attractive qualities and using this to aid your recruitment campaign. 

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Convenient Location

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a hybrid working model is the most desired way of working. This is because it enables workers to find the perfect balance between their professional and their personal lives. Many people find that working solely from the office leaves them feeling as though they don’t have time for their home life. On the other hand, working solely from home can make it difficult to separate one’s work life from their home life. Therefore, a hybrid scheme allows one to perfectly tread the balance between the two, combining all the perks that flexibility and rigidity has to offer. 

Reasonable Shift Patterns

Working as an engineer can result in unsociable and unbearably long shift patterns, which isn’t attractive to any candidate. Therefore, developing shift patterns that simultaneously meet the needs of the workers and the company is the way forward. During the recruitment stage, you should always consult the candidate about their preferred shift patterns. This will provide them with ownership over their hours, which will be an attractive feature of the job opportunity. This is especially true when many engineering roles won’t offer the possibility of flexibility. Accommodating the commitments that others have to follow outside of work could be what sets you apart from your competitors. 


As previously mentioned, in such a sparse candidate pool, engineers can afford to be as picky as they’d like. By implementing the above measures, you can ensure that engineering job seekers consider your job opportunity above anyone else’s. The most important thing to remember is that employees don’t want to dedicate every ounce of their being to your company; they want freedom, and they want to be regarded as people. You’re sure to find your latest engineering candidate with the above tips.

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