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How Much Does Timber Decking Cost in Singapore?

Timber Decking

If you’re thinking of decking, you must start by knowing the kind of decking you want and the cost you’ll incur. Most Singapore residents prefer timber decking due to its numerous benefits, including versatility, easy maintenance, and the aesthetic value it adds to a property. Most people still don’t know timber decking Singapore price. On average, timber decking will cost you $28 to $32 per square ft. or $300 to $400 per square meter. Generally, timber decking cost will vary depending on some factors as follows:

1. Timber species

Different timber species come at different prices. Therefore, the higher the quality of timber species, the higher the decking cost and vice versa. The most common timber species used for decking are ironwood, teak, Chengal, and Merbau. Most people choose hardwoods due to increased dimensional stability that minimizes expansion and contraction.

2. Method of installation

Some installation methods are more difficult than others. The more difficult the timber decking installation, the higher the price. The most common timber decking installation method in Singapore is using ironwood or Balau joists. This installation technique provides enough support to the structure. Therefore, if you want increased stability of your deck, you’ll require a more advanced installation method that’ll cost you more than the normal installation. Additionally, if you want a deck that contains full timber lengths, be prepared to pay a much higher price.

3. Timber planks width

The width of timber decking planks used plays a key factor in determining what you’ll pay. Typically, the wider the timber decking planks used, the higher the price. Therefore, before you decide on the kind of timber planks to use, you must first understand the timber species available for decking together with their characteristics.

4. Kind of wood stain/varnish used

The kind of wood stain/varnish used will also determine the timber decking Singapore price. You can choose the best wood varnish depending on your overall budget. If you choose inferior varnish, you’ll pay a much lower price. Most experts discourage using Inferior varnishes because they cause blistering, flaking, and peeling.

5. Ground height

Timber decking should be elevated some distance from the ground. Therefore, the higher the elevation, the more timber will be used and thus the higher the price.

6. Contractor

Different timber decking installation contractors will charge differently. Some will charge at hourly rates, per square feet, or the entire project. Regardless of how they charge, you’re likely to get two installation contractors who charge differently per square foot. The best thing to do before you choose a contractor is to research their general costs and make some comparisons. You can also ask for references on some of the best contractors in your area from your family members, relatives, and friends.

These are some of the top factors that’ll affect timber decking Singapore price. Timber decking should only be done by a professional contractor. If you decide on DIY installation, you might end up not getting a quality finish as required by the regulations from the relevant authority.

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