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How Much Does Interior Paint Increase Home Value in Parker, CO?

How Much Does Interior Paint Increase

The best and most inexpensive way to modernize and increase the value of your home is by painting the interior of your house before you put it up for sale on the market. Working with a reliable interior house painter by Kind Home Solutions in Parker, CO would allow you to make sure that you could get more than you initial price for your house. A new coat of paint on your walls would make your house look clean, new, and appealing to the buyers’ eyes. So, how much does interior paint increase home value in Parker, CO?

What to Consider for a New Paint Job in Parker?

  1. Square footage

If you do not plan your project, then there is a big possibility that you are going to spend more than you need to. Having to go out and put more paint in the middle of painting would just add more expenses and time, but having too much would lead to a lot of paint wasted. So plan before you start.

  1. Drying time

When it comes to the drying time, you are going to have to give your room at least 24 houses to dry before you start bringing in all of the furniture and all of the other things in the room.

  1. Weather 

You have to look at the weather forecast before you start painting the exterior of your home because it is best that you paint your house when the air is dry. So it is suggested that you don’t paint during days that are humid, or when there is rain. 

  1. Wet edge

There would be lap mark linings on your walls when you paint over an area that is already dry or has begun the process of drying so you have to keep an eye on it so that you could avoid this from happening. You should overlap the previous one with each new stroke that you put on the wall.

  1. Prep your walls

You have to carefully prep your walls before you allow your roller to touch the wall because if you don’t, the paint will fail quicker.  So you have to sand and scrape all of the areas that you notice are flaking, peeling, and cracking, then wash all of the greasy spots and wipe your walls.

Tips on Repainting Your House To Increase Its Value

  1. Know the rooms that you are going to have to prioritize

The most effective way that you could transform a room is through paint. Aside from painting being the most transformative, it tends to also be the simplest and most effective as well. There are certain paints that you could use that would make the room seem so much bigger, but there are also some paints that could make the room smaller.

If you have a small room and you want to make it look bigger, then you could paint it with lighter or pastel colors, and paint the trim of the room the same color as the walls because it could make the room feel larger. Using warmer or darker colors would make the room feel smaller, but it could also give the room a cozy feeling.

  1. Pick neutral colors for your interior paint

The first thing that the buyers are going to see is the fresh coat of paint on your wall. So when you have repainted the interior with a fresh coat of paint it would give them a nice impression for the people who are interested in buying your house. 

When you are picking the colors for the interior of your home, then you could never go wrong with neutral colors because it would make it so much easier for the buyers to actually imagine themselves living in the home. Neutral colors can go well with anything. You could go with the beiges, grays, and tans.

  1. Choose the correct type of paint

The type of paint that you use for your walls also matters because it gives off these different sheens and finishes that would impact how the paint would look on the where you paint it. 

If you have board walls, you could use flat or eggshell sheens because this would not show any of the nails that are used in the walls and it could cover some of the unevenness. You could also use eggshells for bathrooms, especially if there is a lot of moisture.

Semi-gloss paint, on the other hand, could be used on the trims and the doors to make it so much easier to clean because it is durable and stain-resistant, so you could clean the handprints and dust on the area.

You also have to think about the quality of the paint instead of basing it all on the price because sometimes the price tends to be an amazing indicator of the quality of the paint. Spending a few extra dollars on actual good quality paint would be so much better than having to paint your interior over and over again and using more coats.

How Much Does Interior Paint Increase Home Value in Parker, CO?

A trick that you could do as a homeowner to help increase the value of your house when you are planning on selling your home is to repaint the interior of your home to make it look fresh, new, and appealing. 

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