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How does PEMF affect the immune system?

The immune system is constituted by an extremely complex network of tissues, cells,  and organs that through soluble elements and direct cell-to-cell connections interact among themselves and with cells that belong to other organ systems. This system is the primary organizational feature that enables the immune system to maintain its dynamic equilibrium through activating signals and, at the same time, to adapt the reaction to environmental cues. A healthy immune system allows the organism to act with the environment safely and securely, trying to keep invading pathogens under control. At the very same time, it ignores micro-organisms and antigens that do not express a threat to the host. PEMF therapy can be an effective method to enhance immunity. PEMF therapy for enhancing the immune system is a natural, non-invasive, and secure method.

How PEMF Therapy boosts your immune system?

Let’s know how PEMF Therapy boosts immunity.

Ø  By using so much research proof,  it is worthy to more deeply investigate the advantages of PEMF Therapy in boosting immunity and cellular regeneration. Cell regeneration is the most important to the extraction of waste, toxins, and free radicals in the body. PEMF therapy enhances immunity and serves as added protection. For that reason, a PEMF machine is a great investment in boosting immunity. There are lots of more positive and beneficial use cases of pulsed PEMF Therapy, and improving the immune system is one of the most significant reasons for the fast growth in research and use. PEMF today should/can be regarded as a part of the solution!

Ø  The immune system is a defense system in our body, made up of various types of cells,   tissues, proteins, and organs. It plays a vital role in fending off problems from viruses,  parasites, bacteria, and other dangerous organisms that we encounter daily. It may become fatigued and dysfunctional when bacterial infections and diseases take place. The good thing is that PEMF therapy can work at the cellular level to improve the immune system.

Ø  PEMF research on boosting immunity in Cancer

As we know that cancer cells can shut off the immune response. Also, individuals with cancer frequently have a weakened immune system. The immune system becomes weakened when cancer itself or cancer therapies, like “radiation therapy” or “chemotherapy “, affect the bone marrow. T cells remove broken and infected cells in the body and notify B cells to create antibodies.PEMF has been discovered to boost T cells.

Ø  PEMF therapy can improve the movement of ions and electrolytes, increase ATP levels, and assist cells enhance their energy by up to 500percent. In addition, PEMF therapy can impact the charge of the cell membrane, and open up the membrane layer to allow nutrients to enter the cells perfectly and quickly. By charging cells and improving nutrient absorption, PEMF therapy can support the immune system to perform much better.

Ø  Neutrophils are another type of immune cell, which are among the first ones to reach the site of infection and perform a significant role in promoting the healing process. Research that was carried out in the year 2002, at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Pharmacology Unit, University of Ferrara in Italy, focused on the effects of low-frequency PEMF treatment on A2A adenosine receptors in human neutrophils. The research results suggest the presence of important alterations in the expression and functionality of adenosine A2A receptors in human neutrophils cured with PEMF, which can benefit the immune system significantly.

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Ø  Treatment with PEMF machines also improves your immune system by enhancing your quality of sleep. There’s a lot of evidence showing that sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system, decreasing your resistance against illness and infection.

Ø  Furthermore, PEMF therapy can enhance microcirculation, make improvements to oxygenation, help detoxification, and minimize the inflammation to strengthen the immune system.

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