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How Can You Reduce Crane Rental Costs and Optimise Heavy Machinery Rentals?

Reduce Crane Rental Costs

Cranes are mission-critical equipment and are quite expensive to purchase. Almost all construction project managers and construction companies use crane rental services to hire this essential heavy machinery when required.

When hiring cranes, it is important to keep the costs as low as possible and get the best product from the rental service. So, how can you optimise your crane rental process and reduce costs simultaneously without giving up on quality?

Firstly, you need to find out which crane is required for your project. Once you figure out what kind of cranes you need for your project, you can develop a plan to get the best crane at a lower cost.

5 Tips to Save Costs and Optimise Crane Rentals for Your Construction Project

Cranes are essential and critical for any construction project and a necessary expense that you have to incur. However, you can take some steps to cut down the total time you need to rent the crane and optimise its performance simultaneously.

Here are some cost-saving and performance-optimising tips for the crane.

Choose Reputed Crane Rental Services and Premium Quality Cranes

The first step in hiring a crane is to choose a high-quality, well-performing machine from a reputed crane provider. Apart from checking online reviews, you can also ask around in the market and take recommendations from colleagues to create a list of all the rental service providers in the market.

Operators in your crew might also have recommendations about their favourite provider. Do not rent a low-quality crane to save money in the initial stages, or work with a crane rental provider who lacks work ethics. While you will save money, it can cost you a lot in the longer scheme. Do your research properly before signing a contract with a rental company.

Can You Finish the Job Without Renting a Crane?

If you are considering renting a crane for the low-lift project, we suggest dropping that idea. Using cranes for low-lift projects significantly increases accident risks and the chances of error, while the company incurs unnecessary costs. For low-height projects, consider using an alternative like backhoes or excavators to get the job done and avoid unnecessary costs. For eg. in some cases, a backhoe can even serve as a crane by looping the straps of a lifted object over the dipper stick.

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Create a Proper Schedule to Get the Maximum From the Rented Crane

If you feel the need to hire a crane for your project, then a little bit of planning and strategising will help you control the costs significantly. The first step is to create a comprehensive work schedule highlighting the days you need the crane onsite.

Work around the project schedule to make it as condensed as possible. Place projects requiring the presence of a crane together to keep the crane on the job site for as less time as possible.

Apart from working on the job schedule, you must also prepare your crew to optimise their time with the crane and use it well as possible while on the job site. Offer advanced training to all your crane operators to help them use the machine as optimally as possible and avoid mistakes during the rental hours.

Well-trained and experienced crane operations are less likely to damage the crane and get the job done in one go.

Examine the Planes at Your Jobsite

If you rent more than one crane, ensure they can work together seamlessly to complete the project. Before getting your cranes at the Jobsite, check the planes at the worksite. The plane is the area where the crane will move while working on the site. If you use multiple cranes, ensure that their planes never overlap to avoid accidents.

Always use experienced crane operators to avoid crashes, damage to the load and the construction structure, and injury to crews and everyone working on the site. Overlapping planes can cause serious accidents even with the most experienced drivers.

The subsequent damage to the machine will be an additional cost for you to incur over the rental payment. Apart from that, it can also delay the project timelines and the rental time of other cranes. These will result in an unnecessary rise in costs.

If no overlapping planes are present on the Jobsite, then you are good to go. However, if it is there, some cranes will need to wait while the others finish the work. 

Mix Your Lifting Options

It is not necessary that you will only have to use mobile cranes for lifting goods and materials. For instance, you can rent out lift towers as an alternative to a mobile crane. You can also use excavators, backhoe loaders, and other types of heavy equipment to perform the various task on the job site.

In Conclusion

If you often rent out cranes for your construction projects, try the tips mentioned to save rental costs and optimise crane performance.

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