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Home Remedies To Control Pests In Every Season

Control Pests

The little crawling buddies or flying fellows are a problem to every household. Whether it be bugs, flies, mosquitos, or insects, you will find one in your home, no matter the season. These creatures lurking in the corners and nooks are troublesome to eliminate.

If you have greens in your home or a lush garden outside the window, you must have difficulty controlling bugs. You must be using harsh chemicals and sprays to keep your house pest-free, which is pretty compelling. 

But artificial ways can affect your health as well. Especially your pets or kids can come in contact with the chemicals in the air or floor. Natural Remedies can help you just as effectively and don’t inflict any harmful effects. 

Now you might be wondering if home remedies are a hassle to use. But rest assured; you only have to tinker with a few ingredients to get them to work. Read on to learn some of the most effective household methods to banish pests from your cozy haven.

Essential Oils

Many households these days have essential oils for several purposes. For instance, gout or joint pains are common these days, and you can see Lemongrass oil, Celery seed oil. Lavender oil in their stocks. These help with joint pains. It leads me to think that you can benefit from medication like Colchicine cost, which is best for joint pains. But don’t forget to check in with your doctor first.

Now, essential oils are suitable not only for skin care or joint health, but they can also eliminate pests that have bothered you for years. Lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus essential oils smell significant to you but are highly unpleasant to the pests. 

Sprinkle some of these essential oils around your house, or use aroma diffusers to your liking.

Neem Leaves

Neem is well known for its antibacterial performance and striking smell. You can rid bugs overnight with neem all around the house. It is best to plant trees on your lawn and porch if you can do it.

Suppose you don’t find it feasible. Get fresh leaves from a nearby park or dry neem leaves from a store. Make neem extract with plenty of water boiled with neem leaves. Put it aside to cool and transfer it to a spray bottle.

Repel the insects by spraying neem extract throughout your home. It is a very effective method to get rid of mealy bugs and, at the same time, takes only a quarter to prepare.

Ground Coffee

Do you enjoy coffee? Keep up your tasty coffee routine by sparing coffee grounds from your stock for other benefits. Coffee grounds have much more meaning than just a cup of delectability.

You can free your home from pesky flying and crawling insects with your leftover coffee. Yes, You heard it. This morning you prepare your coffee and leave the grounds to line around your house. The smell of coffee repels the bugs like crickets, spiders, and crawling bugs. 

Not only indoors, Spreading the coffee grounds in your garden, lawn, garage, or porch will also prove to be productive.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Who doesn’t have vinegar in their kitchen drawers or tabletops? This magic package not only makes your food tasty but can also serve other purposes. You must have heard of many beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar. But besides taking care of your skin, it also helps to clean your house of vexing beings.

With vinegar on your kitchen tops, you can relieve yourself of the buzzing fruit flies within minutes. All you have to do is pour some vinegar into a bowl or glass and cover it with plastic wrap with holes to allow the spread of smell. And Woohooo, say goodbye to your flying friends. 

Dish Soap

It might sound funny, but soap water is one of the best remedies for repelling ants. It saves your costs on the sprays and chemicals. There are many remedies to deter insects, but ants are difficult to tackle as they have a strong brotherhood. 

Take your dish soap in equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda in a shower bottle. Spray this mixture on the colony of ants in your kitchen corners and see the wonders it does. 

There you have it; if you are tired of the small yet taxing creatures all lazing around your home, The remedies above will significantly help.

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