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Tips for Starting a Holographic Sticker Business

Holographic Sticker Business

Thinking about selling die-cut, clear, transfer, or holographic stickers? Sticker businesses are popular ventures because people of all ages love stickers for various purposes. Additionally, these businesses can be as niche or broad as you want, allowing you to focus on your passion.

But there are a few things you should decide on before you launch a sticker business. Here are three important questions to ask yourself before you get started.

What Kind of Stickers Do You Want to Sell?

Welcome to the world of stickers. Did you know there are multiple types of stickers you can sell? Choosing the product you’ll sell is the first step in creating your new business. Here are some of the most popular sticker choices:

  • Holographic Stickers: Printed on a unique type of vinyl, holographic stickers produce dazzling colors that change with perspective and light. Like many types of stickers, holographic stickers are customizable, such as with a die-cut design.
  • Die-Cut Stickers: A die-cut sticker features a contour cut rather than a standard cut shape like a square or circle. Your design remains the key focus of the sticker.
  • Clear Stickers: Clear stickers use UV laminate for water and oil resistance. They’re great for outdoor use because they adhere better, even when exposed to the elements.
  • Transfer Stickers: Transfer stickers work similarly to temporary tattoos. When pressed against a surface, the design can transfer over.

Who Is Your Audience?

Once you know what type of sticker you want to sell, it’s time to determine your target audience. Your audience includes the group of people most likely to be interested in purchasing your stickers.

If you want to make stickers that advertise other businesses and products, your audience will likely include business owners. Or, if you wish to market stickers to children, your sticker designs will probably be more fun, animated, or cartoonish.

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How Will You Sell Your Stickers? 

Every business needs a platform, and you’ll need to pick one for selling your stickers. Of course, there are several ways you can sell your stickers online, but the most popular methods include Etsy and Amazon. Each has pros and cons, so use the lists below to make an informed decision about your business. 


Review the pros and cons of selling stickers on Amazon.


  • The #1 go-to for most online shoppers
  • Easier to reach international markets
  • Excellent market for unique products
  • Low marketing costs


  • Fierce competition
  • Hefty commission fees for every product sold
  • The need to manage your orders and keep stock up-to-date


Explore the pros and cons of using Etsy for your sticker business.


  • Low listing fees
  • Customization for storefronts
  • Less competition than online giants like Amazon 


  • Orders of $35 or more must receive free shipping to get higher rankings in US searches
  • SEO algorithm significantly impacts buyer search queries 

Starting a Sticker Business on the Right Foot

Planning ahead is the best way to increase the chances of success for your sticker business. Answering questions related to your business venture regarding your target audience, the type of stickers you want to offer, and where you will sell stickers will help your business start on the right foot.

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