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Highest Grossing Movie Franchises In Hollywood History: By Cinephiles

Grossing Movie Franchises

Movies are the heart and soul of our art industry currently!

Contrary to some who would believe cinema to be mindless entertainment. There is so much more to it.

This is why whenever we sit to watch a movie, we have to appreciate the art and understand the height and length every person had to go to to bring about this cinematographic masterpiece.

But, yes, there could be good and bad when it comes to movies.


For every cinephile, we very critically judge them. 

If you are a fellow cinema enthusiast and looking for a movie franchise that can set your weekend, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we have collected and compiled five of the greatest highest-grossing movie franchises in Hollywood.

This is not just for your movie night, but for an entire movie marathon for an entire day.

So, sit back as we plan your weekend!

Where To Watch These Movies!

Movie franchises are not easy to get hold of unless you buy the entire set like the classic days.

However, whether you buy it or you plan to use several OTT platforms, they could be expensive, and there is still a possibility of not finding these movies online.

What should you do then?

Well, you can always go to

This is the pirate bay, a decentralized peer-to-peer domain where you can get all the highest-grossing franchises for all your movie marathons for FREE!

Plus, they take up less data because of their shorter downloading time.

What else do we need!

Highest Grossing Movie Franchise In Hollywood

A movie franchise will definitely consist of more than one cinema. Thus, this list will only consist of franchises that have performed highly in the box office, in terms of all the movies to watch.

1. Harry Potter Movie Franchise

Eight movies and a whole new universe, and this franchise are going to be the favorite for all the Potterheads.

Yes, they might not be exactly like the movies, but they are cinematic masterpieces on their own, earning more than $9 billion in the box office, compiling all its movies.

Warner Bros has made quite some profit from this movie franchise which deals with the life story of ‘the boy who lived.’ However, it is not just the Harry Potter franchise.

The Fantastic Beast franchise also covers more of the magical world!

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Franchise

The five Pirates of the Caribbean movies released worldwide have made some impact on their fans.

There is a reason why this Disney release cinema made $.4.52 billion in box offices all around the world. A huge part of their profit actually originated from places outside the U.S and Canada.

Plus, Disney has also teased the release of part six, and we are eagerly waiting for it.

3. The Star Wars Movie Franchise

Needless to say, the Star Wars franchise caused quite the thunder in the film industry. It is one of the biggest cinematic franchises which fans are still crazy about, forty years after the first movie was released in 1977.

This is that one movie that we know will always dominate the box office, and if you are someone who isn’t part of the franchise yet, you now have a weekend binge plan.

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4. The Marvel Movie Franchise

If there is anything that could follow and complete the fame and popularity of the Star Wars franchise, then it is a Marvel franchise.

There are 23 movies that were released in just the time span of 12 years.

This franchise is the most diverse because of having a plethora of characters and endless stories to dive into.

5. The Fast & The Furious Movie Franchise

Since 2001, the Fast & Furious franchise has gained a lot of fame and profit in the box office, with a total income of 6 billion for the nine films.

It is also a very active franchise, with the movies still releasing almost every alternate year.

The diversity of cast and varieties of location is what makes these franchises interesting among the fans.

Get Your Popcorn Ready!

Now that you know the five franchises, you should first start downloading.

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