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Here is How You Can Make Your Kids Learn New Skills Through Outdoor Activities

Kids Learn New Skills

Kids are usually hyperactive and too playful. They tend to have a lot of pent-up energy, and it would be smart to channel this energy properly. Otherwise, it can often end up you fixing troubles created by them.

We understand it can often become tiring. Perhaps, it is crucial to engage kids to keep them away from mischief. But what do you engage them in? How to ensure they enjoy what they do? Moreover, how can you ensure they learn outside of online and offline classes?

This is where we step in. 

We have listed down a few outdoor games and activities that might help your kid develop better learning and cognitive skills.

Take a look. 

Nature Hike

Nature intrigues most kids. As a parent, it could help nurture that curiosity through engaging activities.

How it works:

  1. Take the kids for a nature walk.
  2. Choose a park or a botanical garden that has a variety of flora or fauna.
  3. Help them to identify stones, leaves, flowers, butterflies, and insects too.

How it promotes learning:

  • It will help incite curiosity and let them ask more questions. 
  • Kids will find it engaging and will help them in recognition of plants.
  • Activities like these promote hand-eye coordination.


Kids love to get dirty, and this activity will help them connect with nature.

How it works:

1. Get all the necessary equipment

2. You can also try their favorite fruits, flowers, or vegetables.

3. Help them learn how seeds are sown, the soil is prepared, etc.

How it promotes learning: 

  • It will help them learn the process of evolution, germination, etc.
  • It has a ton of developmental benefits
  • Gardening will help them with sensory development like touch and feel, hand movements, etc.

Texture Scavenger Hunt

Engaging kids with educational and interactive activities from early on is essential. And nothing can be more interactive than a texture scavenger hunt. 

How it works:

1. Use paper bags to hold everyday objects like sticks, twigs, pinecones, stones, etc. 

2. Ask them to feel the objects with closed eyes

3. Now, ask them to find similar textured items outside ( probably the yard or a garden.

How it promotes learning: 

  • It will develop children’s curiosity.
  • This activity will enhance sensory stimulation and engagement.
  • It can develop motor skills.

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Who doesn’t like swimming? It is one of the activities that children love and look up to. 

How it works:

1. Create a sense of excitement

2. Take them to a pool or swimming class

How it promotes learning:

  • It helps in muscle movements and motor skills
  • Treat swimming classes as a reward for them to look up to

Outdoor Alphabet and Color match

Teaching kids about colors and alphabets can be a bit tricky. Perhaps, making them learn these elements through visual activities will help build their cognitive and understanding skills.

How it works:

1. Find an area where you can find a lot of objects and colors

2. Look for an area possibly outdoors

3. Place the alphabets on the floor or a board for easy access

4. Ask them to match the color and object relating to the alphabet

How it promotes learning:

  • This activity will help develop recognition capabilities
  • It will also improve observation and critical thinking
  • Kids will feel a sense of achievement and engagement

Final Word

Apart from these mentioned above, you can try engaging your kids in DIY games like

Kids love to play and to ensure learning in their play is in your hands. So, make their playtime a reward to make them learn. These activities will help them to keep away from unwanted behavior. Furthermore, it will promote their mental capabilities and motor skills. 

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