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Hendrickson Air Suspensions

Hendrickson Air Suspensions

Truck air suspension is a product of extensive technological advancement that provides increased load versatility, better efficiency, a smoother ride, and more driver comfort than what you get with traditional leaf spring suspensions. These benefits make air suspension a highly sought-after technology.

If your primary objective for a search for air suspension is to get an upgrade, it is best to select original equipment aftermarket parts for trucks. Further, you must also seek a brand with a proven track record in the truck components industry. This is where Hendrickson comes in.

Who Is Hendrickson?

The Hendrickson Motor Truck Company is a well-established components manufacturer whose primary focus within the industry is the provision of original equipment and aftermarket air suspension parts for trucks and trailers.

Hendrickson’s origins go back to 1913 when the company’s establishment led immediately to making strides in part manufacturing. By 1926, Hendrickson had produced the first tandem truck suspension. Moreover, it pioneered the ‘walking beam’ suspension- a system that spreads a truck’s load evenly between two axles. The company has since continued to innovate. 

Hendrickson’s operations expanded into several other related business branches, including the manufacture of auxiliary axle systems, trailer suspensions, and other heavy-duty components. However, they opted to sell off many of these other businesses to focus solely on suspension systems and the associated parts.

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Hendrickson’s Suspension Range

Hendrickson manufactures and provides a wide range of truck suspension systems, including:

· Airtek: Integrated steer axle and front air suspension.

· HAS Series: A rear air suspension system.

· Haulmaax: Heavy-duty rubber suspension.

· Primaax Ex: Heavy-duty rear air suspension.

· Ultimaax: Advanced severe-duty rubber suspension.

· HA4 – HA8 Series: Four and eight air spring suspension systems.

· HN Series: VariRate Spring System.

· Parasteer: Front steer suspension.

· Parasteer HD: Vocational front air suspension.

· R Series: Heavy-duty solid mount suspension.

· RS Series: Rubber walking beam suspensions.

· RT/RTE Series: Steel leaf spring suspensions.

Each suspension type differs, thus mandating different compatibility for various vehicle types and applications. But on the other hand, this extensive range offers fleet managers and truck owners significant flexibility in selecting the most suitable suspension system.

Why Is Quality Suspension So Important?

While the cost of a suspension system plays a key role in its consideration, more often than not, durability and quality hold more sway. Since Hendrickson considers this difference during the manufacturing process, the company’s products- especially its air suspension systems- are both innovative and technologically advanced. Hence, they provide numerous benefits, including:

· More driver comfort: Drivers gain more control over the choice between a hard ride for better handling or a softer ride for cruising. But, there is an overall reduction in noise, vibrations, and bumps. This difference leads to less driver fatigue and better driver comfort.

· Reduced wear and tear: With fewer vibrations comes reduced wear and tear on the truck’s components. Consequently, you can also prolong tyre life by using a capable suspension system to lift axles when not needed.

·Better load versatility: Air suspension systems automatically level the suspension even with uneven load distribution. As a result, you get better braking and more protection for fragile loads.

On the whole, Hendrickson air suspension is a prime example of high-quality aftermarket parts for trucks that you should be using in your vehicles for better, more long-term performance.

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