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Hammer VS BoAt: Which Audio Brand Is Better? Here Is The Detailed Comparison

Hammer VS BoAt

Ever since, Hammer Lifestyle was featured in Shark Tank season 1, many people started doing the thing, Hammer vs boAt. Well, boAt is among one of the most rapidly evolving sound brands in India. Over the years, it has grown to be one of India’s most well-known audio businesses. BoAt’s founder is Aman Gupta, who gained more recognition after appearing as a “shark” in Shark Tank India. This company was founded in 2016, and it sells a wide range of headphones, earphones, speakers, trimmers, AirPods, portable chargers, and luxury cables.

BoAt’s marketing strategy pulled some sales. It was promoted as a lifestyle company and a fashion label for Gen Z and Millennials rather than a dull electronics company that was only attempting to sell earphones.

The brand has been in existence for eight years now, but no one can debate that BoAt had a considerably deeper understanding of the Indian market than any other comparable audio company.

When it comes to Hammer Lifestyle, is a direct-to-consumer electronics company that operates a Shopify store where customers can purchase headphones, wireless charging adapters, smartwatches, electric toothbrushes, and other smart devices.

Hammer is an athleisure brand that works to enhance its clients’ fitness, comfort, and style. The brand was established by Rohit Nandwani in 2019. All of the goods sold under the label are created with keeping the requirements of mass premium consumers in mind.

In Shark Tank India Episode 15, Hammer was successful in obtaining 1 crore as a trade for 40% equity. Hammer gained the attention it deserves thanks to the recent spike in Shark Tank’s popularity.  The audience appreciated their effort, and the number of tangible orders increased dramatically.

After appearing on Shark Tank India, Hammer Lifestyle made headlines, mostly due to Aman Gupta’s competing offer and the founder’s willingness to market the brand to the co-founder of boAt on the show.

But in the end, thanks to Aman Gupta’s investment, Hammer Lifestyle is now a successful company that sells a variety of athleisure items and other accessories.

Hammer vs BoAt: Truly Wireless Earphones

When comparing Hammer earbuds to BoAt earbuds, we discover that both companies produce Truly Wireless Earphones which are also called TWE.

The boAt 441 and 441 pro earphones, which are well-known and well-liked TWE earphones on the market, have previously been delivered with reference to TWE. They have gotten excellent feedback from the general public as well.

1.     Hammer vs BoAt Features

Both businesses sell items with comparable features and specs. Hammer’s product selection is more limited as they don’t sell ANC earphones.

BoAt, on the other hand, provides Truly Wireless Earphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and more goods overall. Both brands offer comparable drivers, Bluetooth functionality, and battery characteristics at comparable costs. We also need to understand that boAt is an older brand than Hammer, hence, it has launched many products over the last couple of years.

2.     Hammer vs BoAt Price

Hammer produces budget wireless earphones that are reasonably priced, costing between Rs 999 and 3499. The Hammer Solo Pro, which is their most costly earphone, costs Rs 3499/-.

On the contrary, BoAt produces inexpensive wireless earphones and has a longer variety of goods under its TWE division. Priced significantly higher than Hammer’s range, it lies between Rs. 1149/- and Rs.4499/-.

3.     Hammer vs BoAt Warranty

The BoAt offers a one-year warranty on all of its products, under which they will replace or repair them if they break during that time. This is a typical warranty claim, but in the event of a manufacturing flaw, they are reputed to replace the item. Hammer too offers a year and agrees to replace any product with a manufacturing flaw.

4.     Durability

Hammer is an athleisure-focused company that similarly manufactures its goods. Hammer creates products that are far more durable than standard. Their earbuds are known to last longer and frequently perform as advertised. 

BoAt, on the other hand, has had more time on the market, giving them the opportunity to enhance their products. Although the TWE from BoAt is also sturdy, the goods from Hammer are marginally more durable.

Hammer Active Round vs. Matrix of BoAt TReble Watch

1.     Display

BoAt TReble has an Amoled display, which is sufficient to surpass the majority of smartwatches now available. Your experience while using the smartwatch will be enhanced by its curved 2.5D design and small bezels.

The contrast and brightness of the Hammer Active Round, on the other hand, were really stunning. The 385 PPI made the hues more vivid and clear.

2.     Design And Build Quality:

BoAt TReble Watch Matrix has a square watch face whilst Hammer Active Round has a circular watch face. The BoAt smartwatch feels incredibly light on the hand, and the metal watches face with its aluminum finish looks quite upscale.

In comparison to the majority of smartwatches in the market, it is also relatively slim. The BoAt TReble is worth the price because of its incredible build quality and design.

On the other hand, the Hammer Active Round has an athletic appearance. Additionally, it includes three side crowns that you may use to alter the watch face that appears on the display. It feels a little heavy as compared to BoAt TReble.

3.     Features: 

The Bluetooth Call capacity of the Hammer Active Round is its distinguishing feature.

Standard functions include breathing mode, calorie trackers, steps counters, sports counters, SpO2 tracking, and heart rate monitors.

Only the Bluetooth calling function is missing from BoAt TReble. It also includes additional individual sports modes and an Always On function.

4.     Battery life

The BoAt TReble’s battery life was respectable, lasting 7 days on just a single charge. The battery will discharge more quickly if the display is left on.

Given that the Hammer Active Round lacks an AMOLED display and the Always-on feature, its battery life can last longer.

Final Thoughts: Hammer vs BoAt: Which Is Better?

The BoAt is an established business with expertise in producing superior goods. Hammer lifestyle, however, is barely behind.

BoAt continues to create cutting-edge products and is already widely trusted. In the end, market rivalry is always healthy since it pushes brands to their boundaries and gives customers more options.

As we evaluated the products from these two brands, it became clear that Hammer is quite competitive with BoAt and, in some aspects, even outperforms it. Hammer will soon overtake BoAt and other leading brands in this market if it maintains its current course.


      Who Was The Investor In Hammer In Shark Tank?

The shark Aman Gupta showed interest in Hammer and invested over 1 crore rupees. Initially, he wanted to buy the company but after a round of negotiations, he ended up purchasing a 40% stake in the company by investing 1 crore rupees.

      What’s The Turnover Of Hammer Lifestyle?

Although it’s not revealed much, it is believed that the operating revenue of the company is between 1 crore and 100 crores in the last financial year ending in March.

      Who Is The Owner Of Hammer Lifestyle?

Rohit Nandwani is the founder and owner of Hammer Lifestyle.

      Who Is The Founder Of Boat?

boAt was founded by Aman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Mehta in 2015.

      How Many Products Does Boat Have?

boAt largely sells consumer electronics and audio products such as headphones, electronics, stereo speakers, chargers, premium cables, smart watches, wireless earbuds, etc.

      What Products Does Hammer Sell?

Hammer Lifestyle sells a wide range of audio products and portable consumer electronics such as wireless earbuds, earphones, wireless speakers, headphones, smart watches, smart bands, e-Toothbrush, and chargers.

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