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Know About The Hairstyle Of Jeff Wittek Mullet And Some Interesting Facts About Retro Hairstyle

Know About The Hairstyle Of Jeff Wittek Mullet And Some Interesting Facts About Retro Hairstyle

You must have heard of Mullet if you were born in the late 80s or early 90s, right? Well, he was an iconic hairstyle. The hairstyle becomes even more popular when a hunky vlogger like Jeff Wittek tries it out. On social media platforms, Jeff Wittek’s mullet style is the top trending style.

What do you think of this hot hairstyle? This 80s famous hairstyle is making a comeback lately. Here are some of the exciting aspects of this hair system.

What Kind Of Haircut Is Jeff Wittek Mullet?

Would you like to try this hairstyle and give yourself a retro look? Then you can follow this blog to find out everything about it. Mullets are described as “business in the front, party in the back.” Due to its length, it gives you a professional look on the front.

Retro And Vintage Hairstyles: How To Do It, Photos And Tips

Although many women love trends in the fashion world, they can’t do without good old-fashioned retro style. Especially because the style inspired by past times also never goes out of style and is infallible for those who want to have an alternative and beautiful look at the same time. Therefore, opting for retro and vintage hairstyles is a great choice for women to use on special occasions.

Retro hairstyles, in addition to being elegant, are sensual and highlight female beauty, as most of them are half-up. And remember that vintage hairstyles are the ones that became the rage in Hollywood and were used by many celebrities. In addition, waves and curls are also part of the style of that time.

 Discover Types Of Retro And Vintage Hairstyles

Young girls at the time had a more well-behaved style and wore their hair up, in general, in buns or with some accessory to give more charm to the style, such as a hat or headband. To learn about the main styles and types of retro hairstyles, check out how you can do them and what they look like below:

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1. Buns

 The banana bun and the luxury doll bun are the most appropriate. On the other hand, as in the 40s and 60s people wore a lot of hair up, and the bun was adapted to other styles and ways of doing it. So much so that there are women who made buns from braids. The Luxury Doll type is the one that is very full and on top of the head, similar to that of a princess.

2.  Chanel cut

It is classic and also part of past decades. The Chanel cut is typical of the retro style and can be either straight or curled. Do you remember the soap opera, Chocolate Com Pimenta? Well, most of the characters had the same haircut or hairstyle, as it was part of the time and fashion. Accessories can also be included, such as the hat that brings a lot of elegance and sophistication. Nowadays, the cut is more successful and smooth with frayed and loose strands.

3. Hair with Lined Waves

Known as Pin roll, the hairstyle has a much-defined texture and aligned curls, and the strands are tied in a bun. On the other hand, hair with square waves can be worn loose and with a side hairstyle, where twists are applied and attached to accessories or simple pins. 

Retro – Hairstyle with curves and waves: Step by step

This hairstyle is one of the sexiest, simplest and most attention-grabbing options out there. Therefore, it was chosen to explain the step-by-step for you. It is the typical hair that leaves the waves with curves and balance, being the hair loose.

It is all about keeping the strands wavy and free. However, the bangs are normally clipped to the side or in a topknot. Actress Scarlett Johansson also grabbed a lot of attention with this vintage style. See what needs to be done below:

  • If your hair is straight, use curlers to curl your hair
  • Then do baby liss strand by strand
  • When letting go, you can gently pass the comb to give movement to the locks and leave the hair with more defined and natural curls
  • Then, separate the fringe and throw it to one side, but you have to leave it curled (in a circle)
  • Secure the bangs with a bobby pin and finish the hairstyle with hairspray. Ready! 

In the case of this retro hairstyle, instead of leaving the bangs curled, you can choose to leave that beautiful “topetão”.


We can conclude that hairstyles like the mullet can again make a comeback if people like Jeff Wittek take the initiative to popularize them among the current generation. So if you wish, you can try it out as well.

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