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Give Your Thoughts a Break With Journaling From the Comfort of Your Hostel Room in Vizag

Hostel Room in Vizag

Vizag is one of the most vibrant and colorful places in India, but during the past year and a half, it’s felt some of its glow fade. The pandemic has seeped into every part of the country, including this city, and played havoc on your mind and body at the same time. To combat all the illness around you, you’ve been trying to incorporate some practices for a healthy life. That’s why you’ve been maintaining a healthy diet, keeping up with your exercise, even doing some yoga once in a while. But being stuck alone in one of the hostels in Vizag hasn’t been that great for you emotionally. Yes, you had access to good food, amenities to make your life comfortable even amidst the pandemic but, the monotony and negativity seeping in from the world outside your hostel have impacted your mental health and you aren’t sure how to let it out.

Well, we’ve got the answer for you. Journaling. It’s a quick and easy way for you to keep a check on your thoughts and feelings, have a creative personal outlet and maintain a record of your life without ever leaving your room. But how do you get started? How much time and effort does it require? And how do you ensure you don’t give up after the first week? If you’ve got all that and more on your mind, you’re in the right place. Because we’re here to tell you how to get started with journaling, and one tip that will ensure you don’t stop.

The Material

There are tonnes of different ways to journal – whether it’s through art, literature, bullet journal formats, or a regular diary style. But when you’re starting a journaling practice for your mental wellbeing, we recommend keeping it simple. Grab a blank notebook, diary, or pad of paper and a regular pen and you’re good to go. There’s no need to invest in an expensive journal when you’re just starting out. On the other hand, if you think going all out with your stationery is what will motivate you to keep up the habit, go ahead and purchase the journal of your choice as well as any markers, washi tape, or other stationery you want to make it beautiful. The world’s your oyster here – you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like.

The Goal

So now that you have your blank canvas, the question arises as to what you should put on it. Well, to do that you need to define your intentions while journaling. Is this going to be something you do a first thing while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee or are you going to put your thoughts down just before heading to bed? Are you going to freely write whatever’s on the top of your mind or are there particular questions you want to reflect on a daily basis? Whatever the goal is, identify it for yourself and chalk out some time in your personal schedule to catch up with your journaling every day. This will help you formulate your habit well. And don’t be afraid to pull out your journal multiple times in a day or use it for other affiliated purposes like writing down reminders or to-do lists too. This will only prompt you to use it more often, which is a good thing.

Using Prompts

Writing in a journal everyday can seem a bit like you’re falling into a rut. After all, there may not be anything that drastic going in your everyday life. But don’t let that monotony get in the way of your journaling habit. That’s when you can feel free to use some prompts or guided journaling practices to keep on track. There are tonnes of prompts you can find online including questions for reflection, sentence starters, monthly spreads and trackers to even brain dumps that you can engage with to keep up your journaling habit.

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to mix up the way you journal or make a mess once in a while. Life is messy, you’re not obligated to keep a pristine record of it. If you allow yourself to play with the way you journal, you’ll find yourself enjoying the process a lot more and it’ll become less of a chore. As a record, it’ll also be a cool time capsule for you to look back and see the styles and interests that you had at a particular time. Mix up your written stuff with collages, sketches, blackout poetry, photographs, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Your journal should be a space for you to explore your personality, not something that needs to fit an Instagram aesthetic.


As a person, you’re constantly changing and striving to do better. That’s why you moved out of your old-fashioned hostel and into a professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living with its world-class amenities and comfort levels. Because, in a space like this that caters to the needs of ambitious youngsters like you, you know you’ll be surrounded by the kind of people who match your vibe and share your interests. And that’s how you should operate in other aspects of your life too. If journaling is becoming your support system, it needs to evolve and grow with you. The only consistency you need to maintain is being honest and regular in capturing your thoughts. Rest, just like the nurturing environment of your accommodation makes you feel free of judgment, so should a journal that captures your deepest thoughts. Your journal is your truth and can help you understand, learn and heal from good and bad times in your life, so keep the worry of community or self-judgment at bay.

So, whether you’re using an old-school notebook or a leatherbound journal, or even a Word document, you’re now ready to start journaling. Do your best and be honest with yourself, and you’ll be able to maintain this habit for a long time. Happy journaling!

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