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Breakthrough Facebook Jail Explained: Get Out of Facebook Jail



Get Out of Facebook Jail

There’s a reason why Facebook is the world’s biggest social media networking site today. It has been on a constant growth for years now. The count of its registered users keeps sky-rocketing every minute. It has become an inseparable part of our lives today, particularly the youngsters. It has become an addiction that knows no bounds. Irrespective of what age-group we come from, we are all habitual of scrolling newsfeeds every time we grab our device. A day without Facebook feels incomplete.

One of your many unintentional acts can end your pleasure of scrolling the newsfeeds in a blink of an eye.

Sounds insane, right?

But, you read it correctly. After observing your activities online on its platform, Facebook can block or disable your Facebook account. Recently many people complained of being put inside the Facebook jail overnight. But what this Facebook jail is and how does one get imprisoned in the same, that’s what we shall talk about today.

In this article from Lemony Blog, we shall talk about the ways to avoid and get out of Facebook jail.

There are several reasons for Facebook to block your pages and profiles. We have listed below the most common reasons for Facebook jail. Under the situations where your account gets blocked, Facebook shares the information to you via mail. Usually, this jail period varies in the following manner.

  • A few hours
  • 3 days
  • 6 days
  • A week or month
  • It may also be permanent

Scroll below to discover probable reasons that can land you in the Facebook jail.

Reasons Why You Get Facebook Jail

There could be hundreds of reasons for Facebook to blacklist you. With Facebook updating its algorithm now and then, it’s too tough to memorize all the reasons that could result in you being imprisoned to Facebook jail. Some of the major reasons that might get your account disabled include:

  1. Fake account
  2. Impersonating as somebody else
  3. Joining too many groups at once
  4. Sharing offensive and spam posts
  5. Hacking
  6. Plagiarized posts
  7. Anon tags
  8. Breaking pre-decided rules of the website
  9. Information overload
  10. Getting too many likes on your posts too quickly
  11. Hateful speeches/posts/messages/threats

Ways to Avoid Facebook Jail

Getting a free card from Facebook jail is solely a task in your hand. There are a few situations that when avoided can be helpful to you later when you are stuck. Here are some ways to avoid Facebook jail.

  1. Do not spam
  2. Never practice plagiarism, I repeat never
  3. Share moderate amounts of Information. Avoid information overload.
  4. Comment and like the posts, but do not too quick and peaceful
  5. Do not send friend requests to too many strangers at once. The bots at the Facebook office may take you as a spammer
  6. No fake accounts
  7. One account for one person
  8. Do not tag anonymous people. Always tags only the people you know in your posts
  9. Read all the terms, conditions, and policies before moving ahead
  10. Never behave like a spammer

Facebook Jail Free Card: Avoid These

Just as I mentioned above, there is no way to avoid trials for your offenses but, there are ways to avoid them. As long as you are aware enough of the dos and don’ts that Facebook agrees to, you are miles away from the troubles.

Although the website has full authority to block and deactivate your account, it never takes its power for granted. Facebook never takes advantage of its authority. It makes sure to notify the user about the deactivation and details regarding the ability to reuse the blocked feature or account again via e-mail. For some reason, if you do not get any such information, you have complete rights to appeal for a review. Facebook responds to your appeal via mail. Just in case, if the website doesn’t respond, there are chances that your profile is blocked permanently.

Reactivate Your Locked FB Account Easily

While Facebook punishes you for your inappropriate acts with Facebook jail, it also provides you with some ways to get away with the same. But this happens only when your account is blocked or deactivated temporarily. For the cases that hinder you to access Facebook permanently, you have no other option than to forget FB. Here are some of the ways to reactivate your blocked/deactivated account easily.

  • Answer the Security Questions: If you’re Facebook ID is locked for some reason, you can reactivate it by answering some easy questions. These are the security questions that you answered while signing up for the account on the website. It’s a way for Facebook to verify your identity. Once your answers match your previous responses, you’re good to go.
  • Resort to your Pals: In case you do not remember the answers you responded with like some years ago, there’s another way. Your Facebook buddies can rescue you from the trouble. All you need to do is to select the friends you chose during sign-up as you’re trusted pals. Once you do so, your friend gets a link with a code. The friend shares the code with you through which you can recover your locked account on Facebook.

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How to Prevent Attackers from Malware?



How to Prevent Attackers from Malware

You have heard about malware attacks. So how can you prevent attackers from malware? So you have to understand some basic precautions to prevent it but no method is one hundred percent full proof. Also, you have known some malware terms like virus, trojan, ransomware, worm, spyware, botnet, and many more. These are the malicious software that damages your computer or laptops and steal sensitive data and use them for illegal work.

As malware attacks keep on filling in both recurrence and complexity, it is getting progressively harder for organizations to shield against them. The most genuine malware attacks consolidate secrecy, exactness, and social designing procedures to infiltrate and bargain the framework of computers. When these digital attacks like malware make it into a computer, they take restrictive information communicated over business and network organizations, regularly causing genuine harm before they are recognized.

Virus – A computer virus is a malware, when it’s once enacted with the windows and other operating systems it will replicate itself folder to folder and spread quickly. It will damage your files and also the operating system.

Ransomware – Ransomware is also a dangerous malicious software. In this method, the hacker can block your access to the computer files and others until a ransom is paid some good amount of money. This class of Ransomware is a criminal moneymaking plan that can be introduced through tricky connections in an email message, text, or site.

Worm – A worm is fundamentally the same as a virus in that it reproduces itself inside an operating system, it doesn’t spread to different folders. The worm will silently work on the computer. It is very difficult to detect. They exploit security imperfections, frequently spreading by means of mass messages shipped off a client’s rundown.

TrojanA Trojan is a sort of malware that camouflages itself as real programming however fills malware into your computer. It will take full control of your system and steal valuable data.

Basic Precautions for the Malware attacks

  1. Install a paid Antivirus Software – It’s simple, just install a paid antivirus software. The antivirus software will scan your full computer files. If the software detects any kind of malicious thing it will delete the file immediately or will eliminate the malicious software. Antivirus software provides automatic updates so it’s easy to recognize the newly created viruses, trojans, worms, etc. You should do a manual scan while once a week. After that audit your files and checks those reports.
  2. Keep your software updated – If you want to save your computer then you have to keep your software always updated because attackers always find something vulnerable. No software is totally protected against malware attacks. Nonetheless, programmers of software always give fixes and updates to close whatever new weaknesses appear in the software. Routinely update your windows systems, software, plugins, and many more.
  3. Don’t download pirated software – Don’t download any kind of pirated software because it will harm your computer very badly. It means you just incoming the unwanted guests in your computer. Pirated software may contain viruses, trojan, ransomware, worm, spyware, botnet, and many more. Hackers can easily create fake software to hack a computer, So don’t try to download it.
  4. Avoid suspicious links and emails from unknown sources – Phishing remains the most straightforward route for hackers to introduce malware on your computers or laptops. At the point when you get suspicious links and emails from unknown sources so these are phishing attacks. So when you click those links and emails the link will take you to a clone website and after that, they will steal your sensitive information or damage your computers and laptops. So don’t click any kind of links and emails that are coming from unknown sources.
  5. Encrypt Your data – It is the best way to encrypt your data to preventing hacker attacks. Hackers would discover any kind of sensitive information but that would be difficult for hackers because it will be encrypted and difficult to understand. Windows have a lot of encryption tools. Remember, nonetheless, that encryption would possibly set off if a hacker doesn’t utilize the customized login information. To Utilize this system, ensure computers are set to consequently log out following five to ten minutes of inactivity. On the off chance that a hacker slips in when one of your things goes out in his hand, they would just access encrypted files.
  6. Back-Up your Data – Just back up your data and it’s very important. You have to back up the data routinely to guarantee that you can in any case recover all your sensitive information and documents if your computer is contaminated with malware attacks. You can likewise consider believing an expert IT group to back up your information into an encoded USB, put away in a distant area. Phishing is the main source of all digital malware attacks and keeps on demonstrating perhaps the simplest approaches to take sensitive information and convey malware. MetaPhish has been made to give an incredible guard against these dangers and empowers associations to discover exactly how helpless their organization is to phishing.
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Why You Need Custom-BuiltReal Estate Auction Software for Your Business



real estate technology

Real estate auctions have become an effective way for buyers to get a good deal on their future investment. It is not only common among deep-pocketed business people but also ordinary people who participate in auctions to search a unique home at a bargain price.

However, running an auction real estate business is easy. If you are in the industry for a long time, you must be familiar with the challenges you face while keeping your business up and running. To ease the process, hire a real estate software development company that helps you in building custom real estate auction software.

Real estate is a competitive market. To beat the best, you need to keep evolving your market strategies. Building online auction software enables you to accurately and precisely meet the needs of your bidders, sellers, and brokers. Undoubtedly, the custom auction software will take time to build but once done, it can help you serve much longer and better than any other boxed software.

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Top ReasonsWhy You Should Invest In Real Estate Online Auction Software

  1. Competitive Industry

We are living in a competitive era where it is mandated to deliver top-notch experiences and convenience to win the hearts of the customers, irrespective of the industry type. Real estate software solutions help you bring buyers and sellers in one transparent marketplace for successful real estate auctions. A tailor-made platform enables users to browse hundreds of properties, bid on the desired auction, and close the deal – everything with a few clicks.

  • Looking at Future Expansion

Developing custom software is conducive to business growth. It allows you to carry out auctions with more scalability and uniformity. Leveraging its features like push notifications, easy bidding setup, inventory management, and many more helps you in keeping a keen eye on the transactions and making you more productive while buying or selling properties.

  • Bridges The Gap Between Sellers, Brokers, And Investors

Online auction softwareserves as an attractive medium for investors and sellers where they can communicate efficiently and close the deals faster. It helps buyers to view in-depth details of the properties in which they are interested and can place the bid using the same platform. Sellers/ brokers can set up and manage their auctions like never before.

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Which Features Make Your Real Estate Auction Platform More Effective?

While investing in a custom real estate suction platform, it is crucial to choose the best and relevant features to achieve success in the future. Besides smooth interactions, the platform must offer smooth bidding experiences to engage and retain investors.

  1. Registrations

Auctions demand enormous transactions. Creating user accounts and simple registrations are necessary for identifying users and enabling smooth cooperation on your platform.  Experienced software developers ensure they take all the necessary details like name, address, zip code, phone number, company name, real estate license number, credit/debit card information, etc. during the signup process.

  • Listing Properties

The listing feature is given to sellers or brokers that provide them the authority to add/ remove a property to the platform. While doing so, they can edit the property’s information, upload pictures of the property, and select duration for receiving bids. Using the platform, property owners can reoffer the property and set for other auction events seamlessly.

  • Live Auctions

One of the most interesting features that you can add to your platform is live auctions. It allows the users to watch and bid on properties in real-time, embracing transparency throughout the auction process. It increases the competition on an auction day, thus, increases certainty to close deals faster. Also, it is the best way to connect with the onsite and online audience at the same time, enabling you to get the best possible results for your property.

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Search Functionality

Filters: Advanced search filters are the key to deliver what customers exactly want. Implementing these features on the platform allows you to display filtered properties by location, price range, asset type, etc.

Sorting: It enables a user to sort properties based on auction time remaining, price, auction dates, property size, latest properties, and much more. It offers the utmost convenience to the users while using the platform that increases customer engagement rates.

Saved Searches:Add to favorites is the most common yet important functionality that enables users to save their favorite properties so that they can check out the complete details anytime and anywhere he wants. 


Considering the features and functionalities, developing a bidding platform requires a lot of hard work, strategic thinking, and professional knowledge. Keep in mind that outsourced mobile app developers can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving success by providing top-notch online auction real estate software.

Whether you want an auction website/ mobile app as a standalone solution or want to add auction functionality in your existing real estate platform, top software development companies have got you covered.  All you need to do is to find the leading mobile app development company California that understands your business requirements and has the capabilities to generate great ROI of your business.

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How To Save Kids From Cyberbullying With OgyMogy



Android spy app for kids & parents

Power game has been in the man’s life since the beginning. More power means more control over the weaker one. This power game has been changing its form with time but has never been eradicated from our society. The most recent form that has been quite an issue in the recent past is the power of the internet. People behind their screen think that they have all the power they can hide behind the virtual image and thus use abusive language, stalk, harass, bully and even commit hideous crimes like hacking, etc.

It is a wild world for teenagers and kids who have the access to everything present on the internet With all the technological advancement and its excessive involvement in our lives, parents need to take extra precautionary measures to take special care of their kids especially teenagers. As too much information can sometimes get hard to process the same is the case with teenage mind and internet content. So to keep an eye on the virtual activities of the teenagers, having a monitoring app is the need of an hour. A monitoring app can keep an eye on your kid activities all day long and even the night. And the major benefit of using a spy app is that you can secretly get it installed on the device.

Among many spy apps try our recommendation The OgyMogyspy app.

Keep An Eye On Their Screens:

Too many screens are involved in our daily life in the form of smartphones, television, laptops, etc. So OgyMogy offers a screen recording feature that allows the user to watch the screen of the target person in real-time. So you keep an eye on their screen and know about their activities. This feature captures the screenshots and records short videos of the screen activities as well. So keep a check if they got any spam call or text message or some stranger is trying to approach them for reasons unknown.

Keep An Eye On The Instagram Feed:

This generation is obsessed with social media with the mindset that every online friend or follower is sincere to them. This is shocking and beyond imagination but sadly the truth. They don’t know that among them there can be some jealous or obsessed follower or fan at can hurt them badly. So it is necessary to make sure that teenagers do not share excessive personal information on these kinds of platforms. As people can use that information to attack them in many possible ways. OgyMogy offers different spy apps that target these social media and monitor every activity of the target person. Spy apps like Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Viber, Line, and many more. Users have complete access to the activity log, comment section, chatbox details, and even voice logbook as well. So keep an eye on their social media and make sure they are not being the victim of any kind of cyberbullying or harassment by anyone. You can timely report and block with the help of The OgyMogy spy apps.

Monitoring Online Messenger apps:

There is a different kind of online messenger apps available that are used for formal and informal chatting and communication. OgyMogy offers a feature that allows the user to keep a strict check on these messenger communication. For example, the WhatsApp spy offered by OgyMogy allows the user to keep an eye on the text messages voice message, and even on audio and video call details. So read the group chats and keep an eye on what kind of media is being shared through these apps. You can block if find any abuse or foul language or malicious content.

OgyMogy allows the user to select from different packages that offer various features. The whole process is very simple, you need to select the package, install The OgyMogy kids monitoring app in the device by following easy steps and that’s all. It has a very friendly interface thus easy to use. Moreover, you can try the Mac or Windows version for laptop or tablet monitoring and the android spy app version for smartphone monitoring. Thus The OgyMogy spy app has got your back and can be a very good partner in assuring the safety and well-being of your child.

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