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Should You Get A Standard Vape Kit Or A Mod Vaporizer?

Standard Vape Kit

If you are new to vaping then the sheer amount of options out there can be daunting. Vaping is easy, but the kits and vaporizers are a far cry from the straightforward light-up-your-cigarette instructions of the past. The good news is that once you know a few key facts it is easy to either choose a standard vape kit or to build your own with a mod box. Here is an overview of both options, which will hopefully help you to choose the best one for you. 

What is a Standard Vape Kit? 

These vapes come as a single piece. They will have everything you need, from the atomizer, to the tank, to the mouthpiece. There are various complete starter kits to choose from as well, so you can still have control over the look and certain functions of your vape. 

The most common type of starter vape is the e-cigarette or pen-vape. These are thin and discrete and are a great introduction to vaping. If that isn’t of interest to you there are options that come with larger tanks; cigarette-like vapes that look like a traditional cigarette; and of course, the opportunity to build your own vape with a mod box and by buying the components individually. 

What is a Mod Vape? 

A mod vape is one that you build yourself. You will need to buy the mod box and all the components individually (while making sure that the components are compatible). Not only can mods give you greater control over the power and experience, they are also often more convenient to repair and maintain since you can simply change out components that no longer work for you or are in need of replacement. 

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Other Customization Options 

Your vaporizer isn’t the only area where you can customize your vaping experience. The other is with your e-liquid. You can keep it simple and go with the professionally mixed e-liquids, or you can mix flavors and even add nicotine shots to the concentration you prefer yourself. 

Having a mix of both can allow you to comfortably pick what you feel like that day. If you don’t feel like doing measurements and just want a great flavor and overall experience, then fill your tank with Ruthless vape juice. If you want to customize your experience find a non-nic e-liquid and either go without nicotine or mix in a nicotine shot before you go. 

How to Choose the Right Option for You 

When you first start out vaping you will likely want a simple starter kit. These can be very budget-friendly and can be just what you need to introduce yourself to vaping so that you can understand more about what you want out of your experience first-hand. From there, read guides to get a full understanding of the different capabilities and possibilities that a vape can offer.

Only then should you look into getting a mod kit. If you don’t know what you personally want out of your vape experience, after all, it can be very difficult to choose the right components the first time. The best part about a mod kit is that you can continue to upgrade and explore, often for less money.

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