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Game Genres And The Best Projects You Should Try For Variety

Game Genres

The gaming industry is so multifaceted that many players simply stop understanding genres and looking for ways to play them.

They have a conditional World of Warcraft, they upgrade the twentieth character, buy WoW gold instead of looking at what other game genres there are and maybe even trying them out.

Let’s take a look at what game variations there are and the best projects that should be tried.

  • Shooters
  • Strategies


If you have never tried your hand at MMOs and online projects, but love the RPG genre, then you should try the social genre, which will give you a lot of new experiences and acquaintances.

You will play on a server with many other players with whom you can be friends, quarrel, interact, fight, fight, or trade, and it is up to you to decide what methods and ways you will play and build the destiny of your own character.

You have to choose a race and class that best represent you and your desire to bring a certain mood and experience to a fictional world.

You must remember that online projects are about speed, pace and accumulation of resources. It’s not enough just to get the maximum level, you also need to equip yourself in such a way that it is tantamount to confronting various enemies, including the strongest players if necessary.

MMOs are also interesting because in addition to gaming and competitive aspects, there are always social aspects – crafting, helping other players, collecting resources, professions, fishing, cooking and trading.

You can for your entire game and will not come close to the maximum level, but at the same time have good wealth, subject to the love of trading.

For fans of action, there is PVP and raids – battles with strong bosses for the best equipment while playing in a team with other players.

The best projects in the MMO RPG genre:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Lineage 2
  • Blade and Soul
  • Tarisland


Shooters attract players who love action and dynamics in their gameplay and the ability to influence the outcome of the battle with their own hands, and not rely on circumstances.

Shooters are story, online and session.

Narrative shooting games are simulations, or projects with beautiful and dynamic pictures that can convey to you the emotion or realism of real battles without risk to life and health.

Story shooter

A good example of a story-driven shooter with high realism is the ARMA 3 project – a full-fledged simulator of the life of a soldier who gets into hostilities and must go through the entire game company.

You will play the role of a peacekeeper of the US army, who arrived at the island to resolve the contradictions between the local army and the rebels, but due to the current situation, you yourself unwittingly become a participant in the events after a massive attack on the US bases on the island.

ARMA brings the player a complete immersion in the real feelings of the fighters who are in the theater of operations.

Realistic bullet ballistics awaits you – this means that the cartridge will fly not in one straight line, but taking into account physics and ground distortion. Conventionally, in order to hit the head, you need to aim not at it, but higher and take into account the terrain and the size and distance of the target from you.

You will get tired, which will affect the accuracy of shooting, as in real life and breathability, as if you really run in full equipment and weapons to the advantage.

When injured, you will also completely change your battle – if a bullet hits your hand, this will affect accuracy, and if you do not provide assistance, then the soldier may die from blood loss.

You will fully experience the full interaction of troops – tanks will cover the infantry in separate missions, aircraft and armored vehicles will be involved and everything will act as a single whole in order to give you the feeling of being part of a powerful army that smashes its enemies no matter how hard, and it would not be hopeless.

Session shooter

Session shooters are projects that repeat the same conditions every time, but according to different scenarios.

A classic example is CS:GO.

You choose a map and play it for up to 30 rounds, switching sides halfway through the game.

The task is the same – for the terrorists to put a bomb and kill the special forces, and the counter-terrorists must destroy them, prevent the mine site from being mined, or deactivate the bomb.

Each round will have the same task for both sides, but it will take place in different ways, which gives CS GO such flavor.

You can choose attack and defense vectors, buy equipment for everyone and plan your economy, play together or one by one, and it is precisely because of such individuality in each action and almost complete dissimilarity to other rounds that is why many players enjoy playing CS:GO, watch eSports tournaments, buy skins and more.

PUBG can also be an alternative, which offers players the concept of survival in a large area where there are 100 players and no allies.

You will be thrown into the territory with your bare hands and you need to find yourself weapons and ammo, accessories to improve shooting, an enlarged magazine, a fire stabilization knob, sights and stocks.

The playing area will constantly decrease and Vm needs not only to navigate around and hunt down enemies, but also constantly monitor the overall battle scene so as not to fall out of it and die an inglorious death.


Chess has long been a source of development of strategic thinking, but in the era of the gaming industry they were replaced by more dynamic and active games, but with a similar essence.

Chess is an imitation of a real battlefield in ideal conditions – you have infantry, cavalry, fortresses and guards, a queen and a king.

If you play strategy level Cossacks, Age of Empires, or turn-based Heroes of Might and Magic, you can get a similar experience, but in a playful way.

You will build and manage an army, plan attacks and defenses, arrange supplies and choose tactics and strategy.

If you act wisely, you will be a good general and will be able to defeat even stronger armies and receive respect from the soldiers.

If you act thoughtlessly, you will lose soldiers and sooner or later you can get riots and flight from the battlefields.

Strategies will teach you to think ahead and, most importantly, to visualize your actions and the results they lead to in more detail.

There is nothing more impressive than to defeat the superior forces of the enemy, or vice versa, to see the flight of their troops. or a large number of deaths during a heavy and not thought out assault.

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