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Fun Activities for Remote Team Building

Fun Activities for Remote Team Building

Team building is always a challenge for businesses given the diversity and variety in the workforce. However, with new-age programs such as helping hands programs and corporate events, team building has not posed to be a big problem over the last decade. Zooming into 2020 though, all team-building strategies seemed flat thanks to the pandemic.

Why is Team Building Vital in the Zoom era?

  • With Zoom literally becoming a must-have app for all of us, remote team building has come to be the latest threat.
  • The fact that workforces are apart by miles sometimes; there is already the problem of lapses in communication, timelines and productivity.
  • Add to this the problem of employees facing growing lack of interest, and team building becomes all the more vital.
  • Despite the miles and the internet signals, there are few fun ways to connect among employees and teams. This only heightens the feeling of being connected.
  • The top fun activities to enhance team building can be used with minimum interference, planning and minus any special preparation!

Chatty Conversations

  • With work pace at the peak and productivity meant to be on a high, you could initiate a remote team building via an ice breaking session.
  • Try this twice a month on a regular note. This lets team members know each other better—and get aware of team quirks!
  • What is more is that, this can be casual and would take less than even 10 minutes. Simple questions, anecdotes, silly guffawing—there is so much that can result out of this fun remote team builder activity!

Lunch and Coffee—Classic Choices

  • This idea never fails to build up some quick bonding and fist punching in the air! So what if your team members are away and you haven’t met each other in almost a year?
  • Virtual lunches, spanning your lunch break hour and clubbing in money to order from a fave place are classic ideas that never fail. You can simply eat while keeping the screen on and have usual lunch gossip.
  • Of course, physical lunches are coming back in limited avatar but until you get to go back to pre-Covid era, this remote lunching could be a nice team building activity too.

Remote Dares for Fun

  • Simply dare your team members to post something frivolous on the work feed—during casual Fridays. Perhaps, posting a picture of the pet at home, a messed up couch, and the dirty desk— there is so much that can set the buzz for conversation.
  • This remote activity can bring the team together in having fun without a sense of serious working. Working from home has its peculiarities. Therefore, such remote activities help keep the energy levels high!

Gift a GIF or make a Meme

  • Seriously, while this sounds weird, you can simply organize a meme fest or a GIF battle to see what your team members think of you. This way, every member gets to loosen the ties and share what he thinks of the others, creatively.
  • Using Trello boards helps here. Of course, you can take this a notch higher and vote too, for the member who gets most creative.

Dedicate Statuses to Team Buddies

●  You can simply post a status—using any form of media or text—for a team member who is your favorite. This gives date vibes too if you have a certain agenda!

● Dedicating a message or quote to a member of the team makes someone feel connected and also ensures that the team members turn into buddies, finally!


While remote working is challenging, yet there are ways to turn it around and make it fun. Team building engages, develops an interest in the workforce, and helps a team build up productivity. All this—contributes to better business! At least with such fun activities, you employers and bosses will only be happy.

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