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Fruity And Flavourful – So Delicious Apricots

So Delicious Apricots

There are so many sweet fruits in summertime. Summer is a special season. You can eat lots of amazing fruits and berries and get tons of different useful vitamins. That will prepare your organism for the winter period. Also, vitamins can help you to stay toned and cope with stress. So get your portion of vitamins and test your luck at online slots real money Canada and win your jackpot. 

Some Notes About Apricots

The Apricot is a round, velvety, yellow-orange fruit of the apricot tree. The apricot has very sweet, though not too juicy, flesh. Inside the fruit is a stone with an edible kernel (when ground, it is used to flavor apricot confiture).

Apricot trees are native to China. Ancient Persians, Hindus, and Armenians began to cultivate them. Apricots were brought to Europe by the ancient Greeks more than two thousand years ago.

Apricots are useful. They are rich in carotene.  They have vitamin A, which promotes tanning and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.  Also, they have minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and fluorine. In addition, fresh fruits are low in calories, unlike dried apricots which are dried apricots and apricots. 

Species And Varieties 

Apricots can be wild and cultivated. Breeders have bred many varieties of cultivated apricot. They differ in the size and sweetness of the fruit, fruiting time, and adaptability to certain climatic conditions. One of the most famous is shalah. This is a local, Armenian variety of apricot. The fruits are oblong, delicate, and yellow-pink in color. The pulp is very juicy and sweet.

A hybrid of apricot and cherry plum is called black apricot. It is apricot in shape and aroma, cherry plum in color, and something in between in taste.

Close relatives of the common apricot are the Manchurian apricot, Siberian apricot, black apricot, and mume apricot. When fresh, the fruits of these trees are unlikely to bring much pleasure. They do not have a very sweet, but rather grassy taste. But processed, they are often not inferior to the fruits of an ordinary apricot.

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Cooking Tips

Apricots spoil quickly. That is why they are often preserved (whole, halves, and cubes, in their own juice and in syrup), juices are pressed from them, and wine is made.

Apricots are dried in several ways. They can be dried whole with pits (it turns out apricots), whole pitted, or cut into halves, pitted (dried apricots). You can also make marshmallows from whipped and dried apricots, and pita bread from unwhipped apricots. Please note that the proportion of carbohydrates in dried apricots and apricots is higher than in fresh fruits accordingly, their calorie content is also higher. If dried apricots are used in cooking, they are pre-soaked in warm water for two hours. 

In eastern countries, apricots are also used in soups and vegetable dishes, meat and pilaf are cooked with them.

Apricots are one of the few fruits whose pits are edible. Sometimes used for medicinal purposes, for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Eat pits sparingly and in small amounts.

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