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Top 3 Free Online Tools To Count Your Words And Characters Easily

Free Online Tools to Count Your Words

The advancement in the IT sectors has given rise to various online tools and software. They are developed for all sorts of purposes, including web management, writing assistance, and content creation.

Although they serve different purposes, the idea behind the development was to provide the utmost benefit to its users.

Since the invention of such software and its easy accessibility, there have been radical changes in the industry. It has revolutionized the way people work and the quality of their output.

Users are now able to generate a lot more output than they could when such software’s weren’t available, and everything had to be completed manually.

Online software has also influenced academic institutions around the globe. Since the use of computers and advanced technology is seen in every country in the world, thus high education departments like colleges and universities have also incorporated these aspects to improve themselves.

Every student is assigned a dissertation before they could proceed It’s why so many students look for dissertation help to get an idea of how to set out completing the paper.

A dissertation or thesis requires a lot of intense research and collection of data. It needs to be presented in a specific manner.

There are word limits imposed on such assignments. They are expected not to be exceeded and complied with under all circumstances. The word restrictions allowed on research papers like thesis are in thousands, and there are many questions that you need to answer.

So, it is increasingly vital to first draft an outline structure and gives yourself a target of how long you intend to write an answer.

It is an excellent way to answer the questions by staying within the word limit. The next thing is to inspect it continuously, and it is quite impossible manually. 

Since the words are to be examined regularly so that they don’t exceed the target, you can use a word counter tool to your advantage.

Word Counters And Their Operations

Word counters are online software that is developed to count the numbers of characters, words, and other data from the text.

Word counters are rather simple tools compared to others that require more complicated algorithms like grammar checkers etc. However, their importance can’t be ignored. These tools are capable of displaying numerous stats related to your text.

Word counters have an application, particularly in our daily lives. They are capable of generating the required information within seconds. Most software like MS word provides built-in software bit if you are writing somewhere that doesn’t offer the feature, you can use an online word counter tool.

Application Of Word Counters

Word counters have a lot of applications today. Apart from the benefits, it provides in the educational field, its other most notable ones include:-

Legal documents need to follow a specific word limit to ensure they stay relevant and develop a particular structure. It needs to comply with the requirement of a word limit since legal documents are sensitive papers with a lot of significance.

Content creators often have to compose many articles each day. Especially for someone operating their website, they have to hire writers to cope up with the high demand of writing that needs to be posted. A key to SEO optimization is that you only write articles that are within a limit comprising of a certain degree of engagement. Therefore, a webmaster might allot a word limit to its writers that would oversee the articles.

Article writers can use the online tools to check if they are within the word limit.

Top 3 Word Counter Tools

The choices available today in the category are in such a high number that it often leaves the user in a confused state regarding the best tool.

However, we have chosen the Top 3 word counter tools available online:-


PrePostSEO Words Counter Tool

The PrePostSEO online word counter is an exceptional tool for counting the words and characters of a document. The tool is effortless to use yet provides all the detail that you might be looking for.

A key advantage of using the software is that it is available without any cost and registration. So all the person has to do is open the website and search for the tool in the website’s list of 95+ highly useful software for writers and webmasters.

 PrePostSEO’s proposed tool is capable of displaying accurate results while only taking a few seconds. It shows the total count of characters, words, sentences along with the reading time. Additionally, the software assures content security to the user.

The tool also shows the grammatical mistakes in the entered text, which makes it easier for the person to correct them. If you are looking for daily use of the PrePostSEO word counter, you can also get the chrome extension for faster access.

Text Fixer

Word counts are stringent and should be accumulated with if your search is for a simple online word counter tool that will provide you with the exact count of words and nothing else, then the tool by Text Fixer is an excellent choice.

You can also use the tool to determine the keyword frequency, which can be used for SEO-optimization.

Using the tool is not complex at all, the user has to paste the text into its search bar and click on the ‘’Count words’’ button to initiate the tool and get the word count. Once you have the desired information, you can click on the reset button to remove the existing text and add a new one.

The online word counter is available in French, Spanish, and German.


SmallSEOTools Words Counter Tool

The SmallSEOTools provides a brilliant online word counter for free. The tool contains every feature that a user might desire.

It provides a secure method of inserted data into it. Generally, there are two main ways of doing it, one is through pasting the text, and the other is to upload the document; the tool is efficient enough to recognize and process a file in numerous formats.

In the final report, there is a number of information displayed. It includes words, sentences, characters, reading time and level, speaking time, and the total number of paragraphs. Furthermore, for webmasters, a keyword density is also provided.

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