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How to Use a Food Processor

How to use a Food Processor

Sort the Food Processor:

Unwinding the processor will be the first step for starting a food processor. Ensure the processor is clean and dry. Attach the jar to the main motor mechanism following by attaching the blade to the jar.

Different blades are used for different processes, so choose the blade accordingly. Before connecting the machine to the power plug cross-check that the jar is connected properly to the motor.

Collect the Food Items:

The next step will be to collect the food items before starting the food processor.

Some points to keep in mind while using the food processor:

  • Sometimes the requirement is to place all the vegetables together in one go. Make sure not to overflow the jar.
  • While filling in some liquid in the jar, do not fill the jar up to its brim, keep some space from the jar cover so that the liquid gets enough space to churn properly.
  • Before processing the hot liquids make sure to cool them down to room temperature before using them in the food processor.
  • Chop the large pieces of the food items into smaller portions before using them so that they are processed with ease.

Processing of Food:

Before processing make sure the jar is properly attached and the jar lid is closed tightly. Some of the food processors don’t run unless and until the lids are properly closed.

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Click on the run button or the plus sign on the food processor. Various functions can be selected based on the requirement of the user.

  • Pulse: For operations like chopping the vegetables, press the run button this function will be active for as long as the button is pressed.
  • Run: To prepare the creamy soups, mayonnaise, sauces, puree etc. use this function for the continuous working of the process.

Adding the Ingredients:

Some recipes require the addition of ingredients one by one; make sure to turn off the processor before adding some new ingredients to your recipe. If there is an opening lid or a tube through which the additional ingredients can be added, pour the additions through those available spaces.


Cleaning the food processor is an important step for its long life of the food processor. Once the cooking and food processing is done, clean the processor with a wet cloth and wash the removable and washable parts so as to increase the life of the food processor.

How to Use the S Blade Food Processor

The food processors come with an S blade also known as the Sabatier blade. This blade has two curved blades and is placed inside the bottom of the work bowl of a food processor.

The S blade placed inside the work bowl of a food processor works just like a blender. It is used to coarsely chop different food items such as vegetables, meat, nuts, etc. It can also be used to whip, mix, blend, and make purees and pastes.

  1. To use the S blade, connect it to the work bowl.
  2. Add the ingredients in the bowl and put on the flat lid of the work bowl.
  3. After you have put all the ingredients into the bowl press the ON button or rotate the knob according to the processor model for a continuous process. You can also use the pulse action of the blade by rotating the knob.
  4. Keep it running until you get the desired result.
  5. Do not overload the work bowl otherwise the ingredients might splash out of the bowl.
  6. Always add the ingredients in portion and not all at once otherwise it may not function properly.

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