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5 Benefits of Using an F&O Screener While Trading Derivatives

F&O Screener While Trading Derivatives

You have decided to trade futures and options, but can’t pick the right underlying asset for your contract? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Choosing the right underlying asset from a sea of choices such as stocks, commodities, etc. for trading derivatives can be difficult. Additionally, tracking their price movements can be also a challenge and manual tracking can take time and effort. 

This is where future and option screener comes in handy. The best trading app provides the benefit of a screener and online trading platform in one place!  But what exactly is a screener and how does it help while trading derivatives? Let’s find out. 

What is a Future and Option Screener?

Observing and analysing the entire market without a tool can be stressful and time-consuming. A Future and Option screener is an efficient tool that helps you observe, monitor, and analyse the entire market based on filters. The screener filters or sorts the market listing based on the parameters or factors you select. 

5 Benefits of Using an F&O Screener

A good options trading app like Dhan provides screening and trading capabilities at the convenience of a mobile screen. Here is how you can leverage the F&O screener for trading derivatives. 

1. Updates Constantly

The best way to analyse the performance of a derivative is to closely observe its price movements. Using a future and option screener, you can do exactly that. An option trading app typically offers you screeners that allow you a comprehensive view of the options chart so that you can place your trading orders. 

2. Better Trading Opportunities

When you apply a set of predefined parameters to derivatives, you are bound to discover new opportunities with good potential. It opens up a different world and you come across some hidden gems of the F&O trading world. 

3. Removes Emotional Bias

Giving in to emotional bias while trading derivatives can land you in potential losses. Sadly, getting influenced by behavioural biases is common in the trading world. You can strip your trading experience of all bias using an F&O screener, as it is based on pure logic and arithmetic calculations. Thus, your chances of conducting a bad trade are lowered considerably.

4. Time-Saving

Imagine having to monitor, analyse and list thousands of underlying assets based on price, volume, or quantity, every minute. Seems tiresome and time-consuming, right? F&O screening automates the entire process by sorting data based on the underlying asset’s financial details such as historical prices and forecasts. With an F&O screener, you can begin to trade in a matter of seconds!

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5. Saves Data for Future Trades

Finding the best trading opportunity involves sorting underlying assets based on selected filters. It might not be practical to apply the sorting filters again and again for every trade. Thus, most screeners enable you to save data charts for ready future reference. 


Analysing each underlying asset manually to trade F&O is time-consuming. Using an option screener helps you uncover great trading opportunities with efficiency and less effort. F&O screener lowers the scope of human error and creates a reference source for future trades. Visit Dhan’s website today for real-time deep insights on stocks, commodities and currencies to enhance your F&O trading easily.

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