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Fingerboard Tricks: What You Want To Know

Fingerboard Tricks

Custom fingerboard decks are a miniature version of a skateboard that you can manipulate with your fingers. Fingerboard first existed as a finger toy and later became a sport attached to key chains in skate shops.

Customize Fingerboard is a fun game, and it is also a competitive sport with leagues and contests held all over the country. If you are new to finger boarding, learning a few basic tricks provides a proper setup to build on. The fingerboard has become a vogue in the present time.

If you are a skateboard lover, you will have a passion for collecting miniatures like custom fingerboard ramps on your shelf. The skateboard toys tech deck has attracted thousands of people and has become the most purchased toy worldwide. They are not just models of your dearest skateboard but have become a new game.

Many people participate in fingerboard matches every year, which connect fingerboard lovers across the country. A fingerboard has all the standard features like paper, wooden or plastic decks, bushings, and interchangeable trucks and wheels that any regular skateboard has.

There are many cool fingerboard tricks you can learn at any time. However, learning new tricks can always benefit you if you are a beginner or a professional fingerboard rider. Are you curious to know tricks and pro fingerboards? If so, keep reading the following list of easy fingerboard tricks that can flourish your finger-barding skills.

Shove: The Easiest Trick

Shove is the very first trick you will learn after purchasing your custom fingerboard. You can perform this gimmick on custom fingerboard ramps by directing your Fingerboard 180 degrees under your fingers.

First of all, take a normal finger position & place your index finger in the middle of your Fingerboard. Next, confirm your finger is behind the bar and put your middle finger on the end. Now drag your Fingerboard with your middle finger down towards you. To accomplish your spin, lift your index finger and allow the board to accomplish the trick. Then, put your fingers back on the board after completing the spin.

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Ollie: A Fundamental Trick

After learning to spin and shove the Fingerboard, it is time to learn  Ollie, one of the simplest tech deck skateboard tricks. Ollie is the first professional fingerboard trick and a base for almost every trick you will learn and also known to be the most fundamental trick you can ever perform on your Fingerboard. 

If you want to jump off objects or obstacles, you have to nail down Ollie.

Crack your custom fingerboard into the air with fingers ticked to the board, take an ideal finger position and push the board backward. Then, pop the end to the ground by pushing your Fingerboard downwards with your middle finger, slide your index finger to your nose level and bring it back to the ground.


Once you have a stable Ollie, you can move on to slides, which are other basic skills needed to pull off tricks. Slides are done by sliding your board’s middle, nose or tail onto another surface such as a rail or ledge.

Nollie: An Equivalent Of An Ollie

You can call nollie a “switch Ollie” as it is contrary to a nollie. Although nollie is the correspondent of an Ollie, it is another key trick that needs to be learned to implement many amazing tricks .it would be best to understand the Ollie before determining how to do Ollie.

Hopefully, this blog will be descriptive enough to direct you on fundamental but considerable ways to do finger boarding and only ways to customize them.

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