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How Fault Can be Determined in a Truck Blind Spot Accident

Truck Blind Spot Accident

A truck blind spot is a zone near and around the truck where other vehicles cannot be seen by the truck driver using mirrors. There are four main blind spots; behind the truck, in front, and next to side mirrors on the driver and passenger sides. A major blind spot for trucks extends, from the right side, up to the two lanes. You should know about the truck’s blind spots and must not enter them to prevent a major accident. You can visit this website for expert opinion and advice if an accident is caused due to a truck’s blindside. Following is how you will determine the fault in cases of truck blind spot accidents. 

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How to Find a Person at Fault

To find out who is at fault in a blind spot accident, you must first determine the negligence. If possible, you have to do a proper investigation at an accident site, ask witnesses a few questions leading you to find the cause of the accident, and examine the damage to the vehicle. The driver who has a blind spot is at fault mostly, but the person crashing into a truck has to bear some blame too. However, the truck driver is at fault if they do the following:

  • According to Florida’s law, truck drivers should drive in one lane only. Therefore, if an accident occurs due to a side blind spot, it’s the truck driver’s fault because he tried to change the lane without adequately ensuring the clarity of another lane. 
  • The truck’s driver must maintain a safe distance from other vehicles in front and behind it. If a front or rear collision occurs, it’s the truck driver’s fault because he drove too close to other vehicles resulting in a collision. 
  • Which party is at fault and responsible for the accident depends on whether the truck driver was driving their truck or was hired by some company. If a company hires them, then the driver will not be blamed. The company must properly train its drivers and ensure the truck is safe for the driver and other vehicles on the road. 
  • It is the truck driver’s duty to know about the blind spot and not to speed up if any other vehicle is trying to overtake him. So, if he does this, and the accident occurs, the truck driver is at fault, and the responsibility lies with him. 

Bus accidents like this one are common, and if you got away with one, you deserve fair compensation. All the above points will help determine who is at fault in the truck blind spot accident. If you find out that the other vehicle’s driver was too close to the truck, still, it was the truck’s driver’s duty to prevent a collision. Once the fault is determined and proved, you can make the driver or the trucking company; pay you the compensation for the damage and loss caused by accident through the personal injury claims process. Remember, only an expert attorney can help you in this regard and build a strong claim.

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