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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the ACER GAMSAT


What is a GAMSAT test?

A Graduate Medical School Admission Test GAMSAT is taken by the Australian Council for Educational Research ACER. This is a special test to assess the ability, knowledge, excellence, and intelligence of bachelor’s students who are now looking to enter Master’s or Ph.D. programs. GAMSAT is only taken from medical and health professional programs to assess the student’s ability to tackle difficulties and problems that they might come across in their degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) and to evaluate the reading, writing, understanding, and critical thinking skills of the student gained in previous degrees.

 All students must score a minimum of 50 points in each section of the test to be considered in any postgraduate program. You are not interviewed by the university for selection if you do not have a minimum of 50 points overall score in the GAMSAT.

When and where are GAMSATs held?

GAMSATs are held twice a year. The first sitting is in March and the second one is in September. Every year, GAMSAT is held in Ireland and the UK as well as Australia. The specific centers are allotted to the candidates according to their city.


There are a few requirements for you to be eligible for ACER GAMSAT.

· There is no age limit.

· GAMSATs are held twice a year.

· Applicants should have completed an undergraduate degree, a bachelor’s or should be in the final year of their undergraduate degree at the time of the test.

· Applicants from non-science programs can apply too.

· Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and humanities are also eligible for GAMSAT.

Although non-science students can apply for the test, it will be very challenging for them to attempt without previous expertise in the physical and biological science fields.

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How can I prepare for ACER GAMSAT?

If you are looking for Acer gamsat books to prepare from, you will find most of the study material online in PDF forms. Hard copy booklets are not available anymore for ACER GAMSAT. Online books are updated every year to provide students with the latest tips, question samples, and other study material. In 2017, ACER released its practice books for the very first time, on high demand. The latest one is ACER’s Practice Test 3rd edition, which is deemed most suitable for GAMSAT.

Note: it is important to remember that ACER does not affiliate with any organization or commercially available GAMSAT preparation courses or classes.

What is the difficulty level of GAMSAT?

GAMSAT test is basically held so the university admission staff can assess your skill sets and written expression through your GAMSAT scores. GAMSAT also determines whether you will be interviewed by the university or not. So, the GAMSAT is difficult. There are a number of reasons for it but the primary reason is to cancel out as much competition as possible. Only 20-25% successfully pass the test with a good score and secure an interview opportunity.

The good news, however, is that most of the admission journey is comes to an end here. If you performed well in the GAMSAT test, you are most likely to pass the interview and be selected by your dream university!

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