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Essential Equipment For Video Production Company In 2023

Video Production


Video making is unquestionably one of the greatest mediums to convey messages and ideas
to people. But at the same time, it is the most difficult of the mediums. Apart from the gift of
imagination, you need to be technically sound enough to create a video that arrests the
audience and attention.
Are you a budding entrepreneur aiming to show your presence through a corporate
production video?
Are you a technician trained at a reputed filmmaking institute?
Yes, you got it right; there are huge demands for video production technicians, the quality
ones. This is because there is no room for errors when it comes to video productions.
You have to be precise and pinpointed to reach the professional level. It’s high time that you
open a video production company. So let’s kickstart your dream here with a short description
of essential video production equipment.

Essential Equipment For Video Production Company

You might have observed that there is a huge demand for professional cinema rental services.
You can count Expressway Cinema Rentals among the top companies that are known to
provide top-notch services to their clients.
Video production is extremely technical, and therefore you need to arm yourself with the best
of your knowledge. You need tons of gear to start a full-fledged video production company.
Let’s try to start with the essential equipment that you need for a video production company.
So let’s begin with a discussion here.

1. Camera

The camera is easy to spell, but the equipment is a world in itself. This is the ultimate
requisite to capture the movements of characters. Filmmakers and specialist camera persons
always search for the most updated equipment.
There are different types of cameras, but the essential ones are the 4K Camera and the Go-to
Cinema camera. The cameras mentioned above are known to provide optimum performance,
and they.
If you have decided to buy a good camera, buy a pricey one. But if you can not buy a high-
end camera, then, in that case, you can rent it. Remember, only good-quality cameras offer
consistent performance.

2. Tripods, Gimbals, And Rigs

You need not only an expensive camera but also tripods, gimbals, and rigs. They ensure
handling your camera from diverse angles and movements. If you are taking an interview,
you need a stationary tripod.
At the same time, if you have to take shots where you require to give your camera a constant
and measured movement. For this, you need to have sliders and cranes.
Run and gun videography is a major trend, and you need to have run and gun videography
like live news coverage or documentary content. In that case, you need to use Steadicams,
gimbals, and mounts.

3. Lighting Kit

When you are discussing production, light plays an important role. It is an essential element
of photography. Lighting kits are essential to control the light necessary to take a shot.
A lighting kit is one of the essential things to consider when you are engaged in production.
There are different types of lighting kits, and they have specific uses. They include:
● Reflector Kit.
● Monolight Strobe lightning.
● Continuous lighting kit.
● Speedlight Kits.
● Filters, Diffuses, and Gels.
Buy from reputed companies and do not go to save your dollars. Remember, a good quality
seldom betrays.

4. Audio Recording Bundle

Video production doesn’t only refer to lighting but also sound. Audio recording bundles are
essential to capturing sound. They are, in a way, similar to the light kit.
While you buy or rent them, ensure that they are lightweight and functional and you can
mobilize them quickly. Unlike video, audio recording can not be done at a stretch. You might
have different requirements.
You can not do it all with one piece of equipment but a set of equipment like:
● Shotgun boom mic.
● Multichannel audio recorder.
● Boom mic stand.
● Wireless lav kit.
Only trust the branded ones when you are buying them. Take your time but do not really
compromise with the quality. They are essential for quality production.

5. Computer And Storage

Video production without quality computers is null and void. You really need high-quality
laptops and computers to move from the actual product into post-production. This is all that
you need.
Storage also becomes an important factor in ensuring quality production. You need to have
the best laptops and desktops of very high specifications.
Ensure that you have sufficient strength in your RAM. Even the processor and other aspects
ought to be strong enough.
Finally, we come to storage. Storage becomes an all-important factor. You might be taking
hundreds of photos and videos. You have to do all the editing work there. Therefore you
ought to consider computers and storage of high quality.

6. Editing Software

The journey from production to post-production requires quite a bit of editing. Raw shots and
sound is worked out in the lab.
They go through extreme cuts and pastes, and they finally transform into full-fledged
advertisements or production videos. This is no child’s play and requires lots of training and
applications. The software used by production houses must be easy to handle and be known
to give a very high-quality result.
It is the quality and precision that separates the best from the rest. Therefore you need to
focus on your editing part.

7. Memory Cards

It needs to go without saying that you need to have high-quality memory cards. They are a
must for your storage. Shooting videos is quite painstaking work. You need to ensure that
you have storage devices.
Use the memory cards that are branded and offer you secure storage. This is how you manage
your production work.
Nowadays, people are extensively using the Cloud and Virtual Storage devices. But do not
compromise on quality products and services. Go for branded products.

Closing The Discussions

Running a video production company is not an easy job, and there is an involvement of
technical knowledge and inputs. You need to ensure that you have the best equipment that
can serve your needs. Discuss with experts and have your research before buying the
equipment. Do not hurry and buy branded products.

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